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  1. If you don’t mind me asking how is it that you know it isn’t a s-66? Also I apologize for not posting the reverse of the coin which I will but how would that come into question weather or not that that could be a s-66? With the condition of the coin and the amount of varieties of the 1794 Large Cent I was only basing my guess off of the curl in the hair near the shoulder. But again I will post the reverse and make sure the small portion of the picture that is cut off is in the new picture so you have all of the coin to see. Also please let me hear what variety you think it is and your reasoning behind the guess.
  2. Any idea what Sheldon variety this is? I have a idea but it’s such a rare variety I can’t believe I’m correct. Is it a Sheldon 66?
  3. Hi I’m a new member and somewhat new on coin collecting and I am looking for opinions on my 1864 Indian Head Cent. My questions are does it look like a real error coin? Also is it the “L” version. And I know that a 1864 L is a somewhat valuable coin so if this was a “L” and it was a error would it be more valuable? Thank you! Pat