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  1. If you can give me an opinion about these Japanese One Mon coins, do they look authentic from the photos? Weight and measure match. Thanks, Diego.
  2. Many thanks to everyone for the answers, excellent comments and very enlightening. Best regards, Diego.
  3. If possible, I would like an opinion on authenticity and grade of this Half Dollar of San Francisco. Thanks. Diego.
  4. In your opinion what would be the grade of this Half Dollar
  5. I would like an opinion on this coin. Does it look genuine? what would the marks be? Circulation wear or cleaning?
  6. I would like your opinion if this Cent and Half Cent look authentic and what their conservation status would be.
  7. Dear friends, I have an 1896 barber Half Dollar without the Half Dollar inscription. The weight and size of the coin check, it seems to be authentic. Is it some minting error? It's common? Thank you! Best regards, Diego Guarnaschelli