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  1. ...and if they blow the asteroid wrangling, and the sucker hits us straight on... we go the way of the dinosaur and no more climate change issues! See? The ultimate case of "to solve a problem, throw money at it!" Meanwhile, back at coins, I just bought Roger's "guide book of Peace Dollars". can't wait to get into it this weekend...
  2. You heard it here first. Expect the Mint to issue a 2033 "tribute" double eagle in 12 years (like the peace and morgan dollars issued this year). The 33's are too important to American numismatics for the Mint to miss yet another opportunity to fleece the public... Of course by then, Gold will be either $10,000 per ounce, or $20 per ounce (depending on whether someone has figured out a way to wrestle '16 psyche' to earth by then...)$10-000-quadrillion
  3. Exactly... I have also seen all of those, except the voluntarily submitted one. I saw the Weitzman coin at the New York Federal Reserve Bank after he bought it...also got to see the gold down in the "vault" there. Very cool.
  4. Mr. Weitzman is now in the numismatic history books... and he had the pleasure of owning a wonderful coin for 19 years... not a bad addendum to his modest investment.
  5. The problem is... going public doesn't only benefit the "sterling characters" you refer to.. it also informs the numismatic low-lifes (and they are out there!) Chances are some of our erudite brethren know who Mr. or Ms. "X" is. As to "furtherance of knowledge" the identity of the new owner will add little to anyone's knowledge of one of the most photographed and documented coins out there. If I bought it (and frankly you don't know that I didn't!), I would sure as hell keep my identity secret...for lots of reasons.
  6. Well Mr. Weitzman's name is now added to the Farouk-Fenton coin, and I would say it was a decent investment, all the while, anonymously! After all, who want's to be hounded by a bunch of coin dealers because they know you have a trophy coin. Have you met some of these guys? Yecch!
  7. I don't blame Mr (or Ms) 2021 for retaining their anonymity. Mr. Weitzman didn't reveal himself as the owner until the coin was consigned for auction 19 years after he bought it. It is nobody's business. Let the current owner enjoy the coin in peace. I personally think it's a good rule of thumb not to blab about one's coin collection for any number of reasons. You can probably tell I'm not a fan of "registry sets". If you want to see one, there are two at the Smithsonian, and the "Langbord 10" get shuttled around when the Mint feels like it. The hype and excitement are greater when one of these ultra rarities comes out of hiding for another auction.
  8. Sad but true... I was not aware of many Saint - Double Eagle counterfeits (other than the "omega" high reliefs.) until I got a copy of Bill Fivaz's 2005 "United States Gold Counterfeit Detection Guide" He has entries for 1907, 1910, 1910-D, 1913, 1915-S, 1921, 1922, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1927-D, 1929 Have any of you ever come across any of these? (Incidentally, gold plated so called copy "tribute" coins don't count, since they are so awful and could never be mistaken for a real coin...)
  9. Money Supply x Velocity = Price x Quantity my friend. Inflation didn't follow 2008 because that downturn scared the out of everyone and "V" dropped like a rock. ("money velocity" or the number of times it turns over for the uniniatied). Instead of commodity and goods prices going up, asset prices skyrocketed (the Stock Market) so Inflation remained "under reported" in the conventional way it is measured. Gov't sleight of hand. Covid has blown their cover through screwed up supply chains so badly that inflation as we knew it years ago has returned. (And they keep printing money and suppressing interest rates.) With Money Supply going up Velocity relatively constant Quantity of Goods and services decreased, Prices have nowhere to go but to the Moon (and they will get there before Musk, Bezos, et. al.) The politicians say this is all temporary... Fill up your car with gas lately? We'll see....
  10. And that's when I read it! What I remember was all the fuss Barber put up about the Janvier machine... and was it Herring that had dies made elsewhere to thwart the mint's incompetence?
  11. old one on top... new one on bottom... new one only has 46 stars!
  12. My Bad Roger. Shouldn't have said Galvanos... I read somewhere they used one of those cast iron models. Agree the results are an improvement, but a bit "funky"... it actually looks like a rush job to me... why else not update the number of stars? Not sad to see the saccharin Ms. Busiak's eagles fly away... at least the new reverse doesn't look like a "Hallmark special"...