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  1. Not too sure if i should move forward for grading i cant find any solds with similar condition or value idea? ill appreciate it guys
  2. Here is a major challenge for sure is a mystery unknown token I gave up on finding info check it out
  3. This is gold info for me on tokens and interesting I'm loving it. Thank you
  4. This is so much help. I will check out TAMS, I got one more rare token in which i did send off for grading last week ill post it momentarily Heritage Auctions apologized for not finding info and Stack Bowers were not sure including other collectors and me just curious what they say. stand by
  5. You found it! yea 10c on both sides wow Thank you Sirr. Not worth grading right?
  6. Ok I'm going to do just that.. Curiosity is killing the Cat. Thank you sirr
  7. I cant find info, Anyone know of this mystery Token? ill appreciate
  8. And comparing tone surface with this one
  9. Yes it is i compare with this one but not sure eNews April 2020&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTXpVeVpXWXhOREEyWkRBNSIsInQiOiJaNStxaUphVDVXaFhHRFczdkJBU0VaMXN4MnRzMGxKcTVIMVwvalwvZDBDZGliYkRZVXRGb2tYbWtsdTdGc2hjMVllUTNrSUpvN3RPSXRMVFhqUkVYSGtxeXpKNWZweERXdHp5TnpRK2ZIcGxBbjkwRFFpQjFcLysrYXlrTU40eHNMayJ9
  10. I need help on this coin if its a proof or regular strike. It appears so, sharper struck? Thanks for your help in advance