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  1. Sorry, hope this helps, I had one my grandma had collected that had the die filled once and you have to look extremely hard but you can see her face on the wings....
  2. If interested, I have an entire collection of every empire from China in great condition I acquired being a missionary there in the 80’s and 90’s let Me know
  3. I actually believe your completely right about the 3 way split & I offered it & was turned down. So, due diligence for family& maybe a % payoff of nothing
  4. Thanks buddy, I’m trying to get all this done for my grandma’s children & could use some help. I mean, I have common sense, but not the experience you guys have & im try to get them the most possible for them. I’m almost ready to split them 3 ways & just give them to them..... ty for all you do!