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  1. Hi Ali, I am requesting a new slot in the Tuvalu, Silver Dollar, 2009-to Date, Mint State: coin 2021 James Bond 007 Colorized. Thank you for your consideration, Robert
  2. Please consider adding a line for the Tuvalu 2021 John Wayne to the Tuvalu, Silver Dollar, 2009 to Date, Mint State set. Thank you for your assistance, Robert Z
  3. I am trying to add coins to my set "Krugerrand, Silver, Basic Issue 2018-Date Mint state. The set will not allow me to add any coins. What can I do to get my coins added? Thank you, Robert Z
  4. Hello Ali E, Could you add the following slots to the NIUE Sliver $2.00 2020 proof set: Justice League 60th Anniversary Superman Justice League 60th Anniversary Green Lantern Thank you, Robert
  5. I am requesting that 2 slots be added to the Tuvalu $1.00 mint state set: 2020 John Wayne "The Duke" 2020 Black Flag: Black Bart Thank you, Robert
  6. I am requesting the following slots be added to the following sets. Set :NIUE Silver $1 2019 Proof: American Gothic Grant Wood Whistler's Mother McNeill Boy Basket Fruit Caravaggio Set: NIUE Silver $1 2020 Proof Threatened Swan Jan Asselijn Great Wave Hokusai Katsushika Starry Night Van Gogh Thank you for your consideration, Robert
  7. I am requesting to add a coin to the 2020 NIUE Silver $2, 2020, Proof. The coin is Harry Potter Movie Poster, The Sorcerer's Stone. Thank you, Robert