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  1. I’m happy to answer that. I am not completely consumed by things. It’s obvious that I have a busy life with many interests. I’m in the process of restoring my 1972s Porsche 911. I work 10 hours a day. I won’t pay today a prices for coins. I think grading companies are way to inconsistent so I no longer participate. I want to sell the coins I have but I can’t take good pictures. I’m going to try a good old fashioned camera. It’s obvious I don’t know how to use my phone camera. They need to be seen in person to really be appreciated. I have gone to two dealers here in Ma. They both tried the same they have been doing forever. It’s been cleaned. It’s been this. I see this. I just behave like a gentleman. I asked one for a price. He wrote his offer up. I told him what I thought of it. I was there for a half hour longer after telling he is lowballing me. I showed him the cash I had. I said well I can’t sell you my coins because the gray sheet is very low right now. So maybe we can do the opposite. I would like to buy a coin from you. We looked at about 10 coins really good. I used the loop. I compared some of his graded coins to mine. Finally I just said I don’t know how you guys can do this all day. You tried to pay me 30% of what your selling the same coins in lower grades because they are graded. I wonder how many times they have been graded. I could not enter this hobby today. I like to feel the metal. I like to see the coin. A square piece of plastic with a coin inside does nothing for me. I’m from a different time I guess. He had some really nice coins but knowing in the back of my mind that he bought many of them buy telling people they were not worth much because of the flaws he used to get then coins just makes me feel like somethings not right. It used to be that a good coin dealer would like to make 15% or 10% if it was a really expensive coin that would bring in several thousand and was an easy sell. When I was young it wasn’t a make money thing. I just thought they were cool. The United States of America with an eagle and a figure of Justice. Indians and Morgans. Gold double eagles. They are all still great but now they are a commodity. I still appreciate them. I think you guys are all great. Your into it for the hobby. I don’t hear about profit. I hear concern about avoiding loss which only makes sense. So to answer your question I would surf through and see what was up. When I decided to sell I spoke up. The I got turned off by only a couple of comments but they are powerful. When someone says washed body bag yuk about something you have had for so long it’s a turn off. Not angry just turned off.
  2. Yea it is what it is. I’ve had these coins 40 years and I never cleaned them. That’s really what I mean who knows what’s happened before. The things I have heard that have been done in this hobby make it a suckers bet now. Hell you can have an undetectable rare coin made. Maybe even one from the 1700’s. A rare variety. Whatever you want. Where there is money there is corrupt people. It’s so easy to see now. It was t like this before. Bunch of greedy principals now.
  3. Your absolutely correct. I just have so many of them. I pulled out 20 additional coins today. I did not realize how many double eagles I had. I was buying them for $282 each. I bought 14 in a three year span. I just love them. I have a guy for gold coins he pays a nice premium. I even got a mint gold Rolex Prez in trade. So it cost me $846! If I could go back to 70’s again I would have put every dollar I made into buying double eagles. Oh wait a minute. I should say I’m glad when I was a teenager instead of blowing my dough on weed and beer like all my friends I would have bought double eagles and always acted broke. Wait.....I think I did that to. I’m not going back to that box. I looked over what’s left and it’s all long term. Not collectible coins per day but just heavy yellow rounds. I don’t known why but I never really fell for the St. Gaudens. The only time I would buy them is when a high relief would be there. They still don’t appeal to me but I knew then would be worth money someday. I got bored with coins once I turned twenty and got involved with collecting the nicest gemstone specimens I could find. Emeralds are by far my favorite. They have been around and desirable throughout history. Today you cannot find a nice emerald that hasn’t been played with. I have a few and let me tell you these would blow you away and I paid next to nothing. I’ve got a few that are uncut but so clean. I think the worst thing I ever did was get involved with cars. By the time I was old enough to buy my first corvette I lost $20,000 on it because I paid an additional $5000 plus my 66 for 59 impala convertible. Everyone told me how dumb it was and I felt it to. I just loved the car. When I sold it I could have bought 5 corvettes. The good old days when American wasn’t sucked dry by all the governments screwing is over. Now your luck if you can buy anything that will be worth a ton more in 20 years. That’s if we are still here. I just felt like writing about those things tonight. I worked hard when I was young. I still do but it does not feel rewarding anymore.’ The flood gates have opened and we are watching our countries worth flow downstream and soon the water will stop flowing because the lake is running low and the lower it gets the less area it covers and the faster it turns to dust. So hearing some forum hang around tell me that my coins were cleaned. I pinched my nose when I wrote that so it would make that goofball sound does really mean much to me. I paid $12 for a coin that was cleaned. I can get a grand for it today so who cares. When cancer starts biting you in the you’ll wish you had not been so negative and spent more time trying to make people feel good instead of being Debbie Downer. It’s simple Physics right?
  4. Everyone talks about getting stuff graded but they also complain it takes to long. Am I right?
  5. And here’s mine. The suckiest picture. I need to learn how to take coin pictures. It has
  6. It’s funny you mention them. I have a small California gold piece. I couldn’t find anything similar. They are on my list of websites to check out. low and behold look what’s there-
  7. I’m going to sell some of these coins. See how it goes and go from there. I think it’s possible to use FaceTime to het a real life look at the coin. Move it around under different light. Questions can be asked. The technology on these phones makes it less of a challenge to sell a coin and have the person buying it know what they are getting. When I put a couple up in the BST will be when I have imaging sorted out.
  8. I’m not going to even look but take a legitimate guess. 1794? I don’t use the red book I prefer the PCGS app. I was thinking of getting the NGC but I will wait for it to improve. From the reviews it’s not very good.
  9. I’d love to get them graded but man I don’t have the time or patience. What I need is someone who lived near me in 01844 who is honest to look at them and be fair. I know what they are. Trying to take pictures is a real PIA. I’m going to try a video. Just one.
  10. It was directed at nobody in specific. However, if you feel a reason for you to feel it may have been directed towards you there needs to be a reason. I can assure you that it was not. It’s really this simple. I’m new here but I’m not a child. Wherever I go I can recognize when someone is being rude, overly critical and just plain mean. In this great country I am also entitled to my opinion. I did give everyone some good advice. You can be reported as a bully and you will be looked at. This country is changing and it’s not all good. They have a file on all of us. Just ask Johnathan Snowden. A common rule of decency is if you have nothing good to say be a gentleman and let it go. Someone new amongst new people shows a coin and someone with 25,000 post writes “this this is worthless and it’s got this wrong and this wrong” btw welcome. Geez There are several people I have conversed with here who seem like nice people. Two people I went back just over the past month and did a count of common decency and rude. This one individual had something negative to say 80% he wrote a comment. I bet you in person he is very nice. Probably a good guy. Something happens to some people when they are not looking you on the eye. I’m sorry and maybe I shouldn’t be posting this but I also have a collection of classic cars. My cars are top flight. I love it when a 20 year old guy shows up with a 66 mustang that is a 4 out of 10. You feel the excitement for them. They are proud of there baby. Then up pops one of the insufficiently_thoughtful_persons shows up and pics this persons pride and joy apart. No difference here. It’s just not cool. You can say the same thing but in a kind way. That’s a nice old coin. Looks like someone may have washed back in the day but it still has good eye appeal and what matters is that you like it. I just have no tolerance for bullies. Especially computer cyber bullies. Nothing lower then scum than a cyber bully. Darn cowards.
  11. I just don’t think my images are very good. It has occurred to me immediately that we have some nice guys here. I also have noticed there are a few people who are rude and take pleasure in there hoping to hurt another person pleasure by insults. Why be like that? This coin is not cleaned. I know it’s not for a fact. It’s just lousy images but you took advantage of that to make another person you don’t know feel like you are a dominating force. Do you know that the sign of a psychopath or some kind of a mental illness. I want to look back and check out your post see if this is your MO. If it is why does NGC tolerate it. People who do thing like that in a peaceful place where hobbyist share what they have. Your comment is despicable. The funny thing is now you can actually report internet bullying and that individual goes on a watch list. This is a fact. Not on this website or by it’s owners. Your IP is captured your ID is profiled and you become part of a categorical list. Why it’s done I don’t know. Maybe the NHA wants to keep files on people with this behavior should something really negative results from a cruel or rude post. An easy example would be a depressed person who joins a forum because he shares this hobby. His life has been tough. Maybe his job sucks. He’s on the verge of ending his life and someone starts doing the same thing. He cannot escape it and the rest I will leave to your imagination. There are statistics on cyber bullying and the effect it has had on people in our society and yes people have done things to themselves that well let’s just say they no longer are with us. So I hope you feel good because it seems to be what you hope for.
  12. You. An always PM me. This coin is a sweet RB problem free. Totally BU . 100 real. When you get it and if you aren’t happy send it back. Probably shouldn’t post this here. I won’t do it again. It just led to this.
  13. I know I’m new here but I can jump in on this one. I need to get one of my coins graders. This one is so original I believe. I don’t know about doubling. If you guys can see anything from my lousy pictures please tell me. I’d love to know. I’m going to take a good long look. Im going to sell all my coins because I need money. This might be my hardest to let go off
  14. I pulled my coins out the other day. I have a few things in one of the boxes in my SDB. I had 10 coins written on this box. So I pulled out 10 coins. I’m getting ready to sell them but dragging my feet. They are hard to part with. Anyhow. I went back into the box to look at the receipts. Wrapped in a receipt was number 11. I had no idea it was in there. What do you guys think if it? I played with the reflection a little.
  15. I know I’m new here but I can jump in on this one. I need to get one of my coins graders. This one is so original I believe. I don’t know about doubling. If you guys can see anything from my lousy pictures please tell me. I’d love to know. I’m going to take a good long look. Im going to sell all my coins because I need money. This might be my hardest to let go off. I will probably sell them raw. But I didn’t post to advertise. I wanted to add one of my favorites.