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  1. Hi Ali, I would love to see a set for the Brazil 1000 Reis series either as singe series or multiple series covering the issue time (4 types cover the reign of Pedro II. A type set currently exists but not something that covers the series by year. Here are my coins that fit in such a set: 4434981-032 4434981-052 4434981-058 4434981-137 4434981-142 4434981-154 4434981-167 Thanks for your consideration. - Terry
  2. I am experiencing the same thing. It is has been going on long enough that I hope NGC will actually address this and let us know how long we can expect to be unable to add/lookup coins.
  3. Hi Ali, Can you add the 1936(b) slot to the India - British Colony - 1/12 Anna (1 Pie), George V, 1912-1936, Circulation Issue set. My coin for this slot is 2825768-012. It is also missing in the set India - British Colony - 1/12 Anna (1 Pie), 1862-1942, Circulation Issue. Thanks for your help. - Terry
  4. Hi Maribeth, I would like to see a set added to Germany - 1919-Date to cover the 1 Mark 1950-2001 (KM110). Thanks, Terry
  5. Can't know for sure from this one picture. But it ought to be one of the following: Pakistan, 2 Paisa, KM25a, Pakistan, 10 Paisa, KM 27 Pakistan, 10 Paisa, KM 31 Look those up and compare the coin and you should be able to find it.
  6. Maribeth, Thanks for the new sets in Denmark, Sweden, and Italian States section - they look great. Based on my initial examination, I do have one suggestion to better one of the sets. For the Denmark 10 Ore, 1874-1899 set, I would recommend adding slots for 1903(h) VBP, 1903/803(h) VBP, 1904(h) VBP, 1905(h) VBP as this series continued until 1905. - Terry