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  1. A good way to familiarize yourself with fakes is by looking up the coin on Ebay and comparing your coin to the other coins. Often pro or not, you can see the difference. Also, in addition to what Mark said about the texture and details not looking genuine - If something doesn't appear right to you, chances are you're correct. This coin is from 1776 so ask yourself, "does this coin have the characteristics of an 240 year old coin?"
  2. Really? Id like to see NCS remove that spot without decreasing its value.
  3. It appears ms 62s are selling for around 200$. So maybe a 150$ coin?
  4. Welcome to the forum Bruce, you seem like you'll fit in well here.
  5. Just let it be and move onto the next one is what i would do. If you're dead set on trying to remove it, I suggest just some warm water and soap and do not scrub it. Blotch at it at first with a non abrasive cloth. If that doesnt work, then soak it for 20 minutes in warm water with a little soap again. Try not to rub it as much as possible.
  6. I was thinking about posting a bunch of blurry 2005 nickels and 1986 pennies upside down with no question as a spoof. You could make a funny meme with these recent penny posts, i am just not that talented to create one. It could go as such - 1st picture - blurry picture of PMD 1974 penny . 2nd picture - 1,000 times zoomed in on the mint mark. 3rd picture - random photo of a giraffe. 4th and last photo - Question asking "should i get this graded?!?"
  7. Travis sir, you are incorrigible. Instead of arguing with the experts, why not listen to what their saying and learn something? I have learned quite a bit by asking questions on here and everyone has been really helpful. I feel like when someone on this board tries to help you, you simply dont want to hear the truth. I am not, by any means trying to pick on you. I just keep seeing your posts and I am trying to help here.
  8. That is SEXXXXXXY That maybe true, but people switch coins in and out of albums all the time. I am only suggesting that the coin appears to have been toned due to being taped. I will not change my conclusion of that until proven else wise, as we all have our opinions. I hope an NGC contact can hop in here and confirm whether or not that is tone due to tape but I think they cannot even prove that. I cannot prove it, but in my years of seeing toned coins, that shows all the signs and characteristics of being toned by tape, to me which is fine, I am not taking away from the tone at all. I infact, like AT coins and NT coins depending on how well they look. In this particular case, i will again, stand by my conclusion until proven else wise. Nice coin none the less and I dont think the AT factor should play into affect of the coin value.