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  1. I've gotten an error message and posted it in another thread to the NGC Mods and Dena.
  2. Jerry, in this case the "altering" is part of an accepted norm. I get where you are coming from but nothing was done illegal or unethically here. If you want to talk about unethical -- or maybe just bad luck -- check out the Franklin Gradeflation Thread ATS.
  3. SUNDAY AUCTIONS: I saw that a few 1928 MS-65 Saints went for about $2,200 - $2,300 on GC, that's without the bp. $2,500 and $2,600 with bp (rounding up/down to nearest $100, BTW). A 1924 MS-65 went for just over $2,000 w/out, and just under $2,300 with bp. I was a bit surprised....I thought in MS-65 condition, that 1928's and 1924's were interchangeable. 1928's go for a richer premium. I'll have to check the population numbers, but I thought 1924 vs. 1927 vs. 1928 -- minimal difference. Here it's a few hundred dollars, or another 10-15%.
  4. Ditto....I think once you move from AGEs to Proof AGEs and other special coins, it's only a matter of time before you gravitate to classic gold coins. I didn't know about Saint-Gaudens coins until I bought the 2009 UHR.
  5. Thanks Mark....I haven't bought too many modern Proof gold coins but again, that seems extremely rich. I think there would have been more discussion and threads if proofs commanded that premium in the past.
  6. 2021 American Gold Eagles: On Ebay, looks like they are selling for spot, not sure where this 50% premium talk is coming from. Maybe PF70's ?
  7. I think the Heritage and Great Collections photos are top-notch.
  8. Every Saturday for 35+ years I have looked at the price of gold coins in the next-to-last page of the BARRON'S MarketWeek section. Kruggerand, Maple Leaf, Mexican Peso, Austria Crown, Austria Philharmonic, and American Eagles. All premiums under $100 or 5% or less, depending on the underlying gold content. I can't believe anybody is paying a 50% premium for a 2021 AGE unless there's a temporary minting/striking problem. As I recall, the 2009 UHR Saint was only sold for a 10-15% premium and that was a 1-time mintage for a unique historical coin.
  9. I may go to that, maybe a bunch of us should do lunch or dinner. To be continued.........
  10. NGC glitches preventing me from posting the MS-65 chart....this site is getting buggy.
  11. But it's basically always been a proxy for 1 ounce of gold, Mark. I don't know if this is Covid-related....buyers jumping an expected rise in the gold price which would make paying the premium less stupid in the future....or just new Gold Bugs and gold investors moving into American Eagles. You can still get generic common Saints in MS63 for spot gold with a 4-5% premium, it hasn't moved up that much as far as I can tell. But in MS-65 as I quoted above, the premiums are richer relative to recent auction prices and even the historical pattern (see chart).
  12. Whaaaaaaaat ? A new 2021 AGE is selling for over a 50% premium to gold ? WTF ? I'm not an active buyer of new AGEs but I am willing to bet that in the past, pre-Covid, that the premiums were maybe a few percentages higher than older AGEs ? Am I right ? That is insane. And with a healthy mintage, there shouldn't be a shortage although more people are buying gold for an investment and the investment folks dwarf collectors of classic gold and/or modern gold which could lead to distortions and the resulting huge premium. !!
  13. I have been getting this error message on-and-off for weeks, NGC/Dena....I have to go back and/or refresh the page and re-click. It usually lasts 1 or 2 or 3 tries so it's not like the site is unaccessible for long but it's annoying and you guys are paying to not have this happen:
  14. Cat....looking closer, I did see a couple of common MS-65's over at HA that went for pretty rich premiums to spot gold. An MS-65 1924 Saint went for $2,760 (incl. bp) in late-August. Another NGC MS-65 sold 2 weeks earlier went for $400 less, don't ask me why. Prices were < $2,300 only 2 months earlier in June. Gold was $,1700 in April and rose $200 into the prices and enthusiasm could have risen in delayed-action explaining why folks paid up in August despite gold backing off to $1,800. I freely admit to guestimating human reactions to gold prices in real-time and delayed-time. Still, those premiums are RICH and I wonder if lack of inventory and these supply interrruptions have led to rising premiums for gold alongside silver. What's weird is we didn't see these supply interruptions in March-May 2020 during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  15. (1) Different shows have different purposes. I've never been to the ANA show, but I am sure that the ANA's main purpose is promoting it's numismatic agenda and dealers and customers concerns are a bit down the list. For FUN, I would think that the dealers and customers might rank a bit higher since the Florida United people don't really have much of an agenda beyond putting on the annual FUN show. (2) It's understandable that dealers would be vacating after 3+ days of attendance. With my astronomy club, we sell Sunday Only and 2-Day admission tickets so if folks are packing up at 1 PM on Getaway Sunday, it doesn't look good.
  16. Cat, I see a pair of 1928 MS-65's going for about $2,200 and a 1924 selling for just under $2,000. All 3 auctions have 3 days left over at GC, and prices exclude the BP.
  17. 1920 & 1923 Saints: Have NEVER seen the volume of bids for 2 coins on Ebay, let alone Saints. 135 and 95 bids each, with 3 days to go. Granted, lots of the bids were for super-low prices below FMV...but both coins are now approaching or at FMV and with multiple bidders putting in all those bids, we should have a good finish to both. Not like 2 guys going at with no other participants. Also....could be the lighting, but each shows decent luster for MS-63.
  18. I think we just have to live with looking through stuff with plastic. Nobody is putting expensive coins in people's hands to look at without protection. I'm sure modern plastics used in slabs transmit light and have improved visual clarity compared to stuff from 30 years ago. Not perfect, sure...not like looking at the coin without plastic....but distortions are at a minimal and probably not noticed except to those with 20/15 eyesight or better.
  19. 65's are going for $2,800 right now ? I hadn't focused but thought the market was closer to $2,300. And I don't think an MS67 unless very special and/or CAC should be at $16,000. $13,000 give-or-take, IMO.
  20. Beautiful coin, Cat !! It's not the 67 below, right ? Your coin is the TrueView pic....I'd say a 66+ ?
  21. FYI, lots of good stuff on the 1920 Saints, first ones minted since WW I KO'd production in 1916, in Roger's book.
  22. I continue to think that AI and hi-def computers should be able to scan and analyze and be able to scan for fakes in mass volumes and relieve the burden on human graders.
  23. You think the 67's are overgraded or yours are just nicer ? I find them very good, very large....good pixel quality. Almost as good as HA's -- you don't think so ?