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  1. My Ds have shipped @VKurtB. My others will hopefully ship soon.
  2. EPN was my first choice, but I could also see Bowers. Other than that - I draw a blank.
  3. I very much enjoyed your presentation and it opened a whole new appreciation for me on the subject. It also will add anew area to my future hunts for items that I would not have thought about before your presentation. Nice job!!!
  4. What were your main take aways, or what did you learn, during the NNP symposium? There were plenty of interesting subjects, but what stood out the most for you? Three things that stood out to me dealt with: 1) the 1913 nickel 2) Black Diamond 3) Pawnee headdress Regarding the above - let’s see if anyone can expand on what caught my attention regarding the above.
  5. Regarding Bowers - he won the award, same with EPN. Would that restrict them from having the award named after them? I guess it wouldn’t matter because it was the Zerbe at that point in time.
  6. Now that I’m able to post again, I find I have nothing that I want to say at the moment other than a reminder that the NNP symposium starts later this morning. There are some interesting topics that I’m sure many will enjoy. I know I’ll be tuning in. Cheers
  7. The tricks will be there and the trick will be on us. As for the coin. I’ll take three please. Who will design it?
  8. Some nice grades Kurt. I remember picking up a few GEFs from an English auction that all graded MS63 in which I was very happy adding to my collection. Above that is tough to find. I’ve also picked up a couple nice deals at Chards. Never had the chance to meet them in person - shame.
  9. It would be good for a liars poker bill.
  10. I think this would be much more representative of OP’s post tile.
  11. I like Rogers idea and I believe it would be interesting to see how it would impact sales. I do not believe that the dealers would like it as much unless sales increased significantly. Creatures of habit. The Tyrant collection should be a highlighted in an area that would have the maximum foot traffic in my opinion. It encourages and excites. Kurt has a very valid point, however - all about profit!
  12. A high percentage for those who tend to have OCD, otherwise - not many overall. Guide books are read or searched regularly by a large number of collectors. For books other than guide books, as in the five examples below, not many. the Truth Seeker - EPN — several contributors from Mine to Mint - RWB coins & collectors - D. Q. Bowers America’s Money - America’s Story - Doty monarchy, money and medals - Cheeks just to name a few and each by different authors - many more examples on hand. the above examples are excellent - by the way.
  13. Ah - that is the problem. For Ohare, you just fly United or to a lesser extent, Delta. I’m surprised that Chicago didn’t tax you for that heavy metal you brought home. After all - they don’t cal! It the land of Taxes for nothing (or is that Lincoln).
  14. I like the competition along with the sharing of ideas and collecting goals. A good group of collectors to boot. Best of all - they can take a joke or criticism. An honest opinion can go a long way at times.
  15. I’ve never had a problem at O’hare although I do like Midway better. Atlanta and Sometimes Denver are my problem areas. Were you flying United?
  16. Congrats on the award and committees. Keep up the good work.
  17. For sale - 1925 S NGC MS 63 Sovereign. Photos on request. $650 delivered.
  18. Sounds like you are having a great time. I’m always in a rush at shows and really do not take in the extras. Have an Italian Beef for me. Soaked with giardiniera and natural sauce please.
  19. Ah, but would you call a chicken a chikin? You have a beef with that?
  20. Thanks Kurt - hate missing the show. Maybe next year.
  21. Looks like I purchased both after all. Two separate acknowledgments. We’ll see once the conformations start rolling out. Anyone try and not get one?