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  1. Never buy a coin off tv, or an add in a paper, etc. Research every purchase you make. If you think it is too good to be true, it is. There is no such thing as "unsearched" coin rolls, 100% scam. Coins are a hobby not an investment, if you want to buy gold bullion buy the stocks not the physical coins. 70% of high end raw coins are not in a slab because they were details graded. (I only buy PCGS and NGC coins.) Take a grading course from PCGS or NGC, well worth your time. Read some books and research before you really get into buying. There are a lot of scams and fake coins on the internet. If you dont know how to identify a cleaned coin, do some research. If you really plan on collecting and finishing a date set of cents, nickels, dimes, dollars whatever collect the hard ones first because in 10 years when you go to finish your set you wont be able to afford them as they will be more expensive to get, you can fill in the easy ones as you go.
  2. Forgot to add the wear on the eagle head on the reverse......
  3. Just bought this 1834 Capped Bust Half. Weight and diameter is good but the edge lettering is messed up, doubled and extra letters. Reads FIFTYTY CENTSTS HALF A DODOLLAR Thoughts?
  4. The bar is raised and there are no signs of cut or misplaced metal. Almost like it has been "glued on" like there have been reports of S mint marks being "glued" on other Morgans.
  5. I had it checked and it turns out it is indeed authentic. Weight is good. Thanks again Bob.
  6. A friend of mine has a Gold Mexico 50 Pesos 1821-1947 37.5 gram coin that has been in his family awhile. I noticed a spot on the front and thought it was odd so I weighed it. It weighs 41.5 grams. Is it for sure a fake then? Thanks
  7. Picked up this 1891 O Morgan Silver Dollar at a sale and after noticing the odd mark on the reverse I weighed it. It weighs 26.3 grams which is .04 grams low. Passed the ice test and magnet test. The raised mark appears to be from a strike not from post mint damage. Die Error?? Appreciate any help. Thanks