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  1. Will the new ASE get their own category given the change of the design? Would only make sense to me.
  2. I normally try to stick with ngc slabs but I’ve had to resort to buying PCGS since I can’t find any at a reasonable price. Really nothing wrong with PCGS at all was just looking to complete my set from the same company that’s all. But I’m looking for a 2017 (s) either PCGS or NGC. Thanks!
  3. If it doesn’t show up you may be able to report it as stolen. The certification number is it’s serial number so it can be entered into the system as stolen. It will pop up as such if it is ever pawned or ran by a police officer. Just save your purchase documents as proof of ownership.
  4. I got everyone. Thanks!! I’m looking for a 2011(W) silver eagle ms70. Anyone have one at a reasonable price? Thanks
  5. Evening everyone. Looking to buy the above listed silver eagle coins.
  6. I was referring to these. Same as the regular proof coins just branded as the congratulations set.
  7. Evening everyone. I’m a bit new to collecting and was wondering if there was a benefit to collecting the Congratulations Set? Given that they are the same proof coins and just carry the name. Any thoughts?
  8. Afternoon everyone. I a new collector. I have a few slabbed coins (under 100) and started to notice that NGC doesn't have price listings on some of the coins I have. Anyone know the reason? They are mostly some of the 2016 and 2017 silver eagles. Thanks,Albert