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  1. but how much is the thickness? is it exactly doubled ?
  2. hi I was wondering are they the same thing or is there a difference between them , any thoughts ?
  3. Ameeer

    wrong label

    oh wait , my bad , all good : ) thanks again
  4. Ameeer

    wrong label

    thank you and sorry for my delay in response yah I see the description have been changed and thank you very much fo that but what about the picture ? it is still the old one
  5. Ameeer

    wrong label

    sure 2845265001 year of the mouse (prosperity)
  6. I have a coin which recently graded by NGC but they mistakenly put wrong discription , so when I tried to put in in my registery coin it went to a totally different one I sent the coin for correction and got it fixed but when i tried to put it again in registery , it is still showing the old wrong coin can you help me please ?
  7. oh I didn't know there're many of them , hmmmm maybe if it narrowed down like every 5 years
  8. hi I noticed when I entered some of my Tuvalu coins the category is strange you have category for 2015 another 2016 another 2018 and so on .... why can't be one category from the year 2000 for example up to date
  9. Thank you : ) , appreciated it
  10. Can you open a new category for Fiji's coca cola coins , these coins are starting to go wild and there are many and more to come thank you