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  1. A very good question, actually. If there is not, then Bowers would be a great choice now.
  2. Bowers would be a very good choice if a nameless placeholder award can be given out until he leaves us. I agree.
  3. Yet another mythical numismatic beast debunked!!! It's an interesting coin, but the mother of the Spanish Inquisition has no place in my collection. She would have had me burned at the stake.
  4. Thanks for the update, Kelly!!! Good luck and keep us in the loop!
  5. In all seriousness, you're right Quintus. I don't know......maybe they shouldn't name it after anyone and just give the award an entirely new name without attaching the name of a person to it. I'd be well in favor of that option.
  6. That's still cool. The 1950-D is a cool one, but I'm's the best U.S. coin from my late mother's birth year. And I'd say you made a good trade.....the 1950-D is an important one for Jeffersons!! I'd have made that trade, too.
  7. Hi Chris!! I'm always up to meet someone who used to live in my little corner of the world....I haven't been to Rome in years. I had a friend who lived out there about 20 years ago and I'd go out there and see him from time to time, but we lost know how it is when you're young.....things and people come and go so fast. I think if you want to experiment with EZest, using low value items is a good place to start. You can also use coins from pocket change.....then, if your EZest experiment goes awry (and some will.....I've seen some crazy things happen with that stuff!), you can just put the coins back out into circulation. But it's typically better to leave coins in their natural states, as you stated. Best of Luck! ~Tom
  8. Hi Joe! I'm with've got a coin from a worn out die there. But if you found a 1950-D nickel in circulation, that's really cool. Those were saved by the roll in 1950, so they don't turn up in the wild very often. ~Tom
  9. Hi Joe!! As the others have said, I could find no listings for a 1947 D/S Jefferson. I think that your mintmark is showing a combination of die deterioration and heavy wear from over 70 years in circulation. I hope this helps!! ~Tom
  10. I'm glad you could finish your set, Mark!! I've been weirdly fortunate with W's....I've actually found about 10 of them out in the wild and my Dad found a Salt River Bay at his Laundromat that he gave to me. I've kept them all, except for a couple duplicate Weir Farm and Wilderness of No Returns that I've sold (but at a lower rate than most were selling them for. I mostly did it to help people who wanted them to get them fairly cheaply). I don't really actively collect them nor try to roll hunt for them, but if I find them I do hang onto them. It's kind of cool seeing that little W on a coin that's actually out there being a coin rather than on something like a Silver Eagle.
  11. Mine was completely random. We get $20 in quarters every week to do laundry because we don't have laundry hookups in our apartment. I do look through those quarters, though, I don't just drop them into the machines sight unseen. So I was looking through our new rolls yesterday and there it was. It's in pretty nice condition, too. I don't really roll hunt all that much aside from that $20 in quarters every week....too much work for too little reward.
  12. Nothing wrong with a humble opinion that is numismatically focused!!! I gave up caring what metals were doing or trying to predict it years ago. Metal prices really do not impact ancient coin prices at all.....a denarius is the size of a dime but a Faustina the Younger denarius, who is one of the most common denarii, sells for at least $35 or so and denarii just go up from there. A nice Caligula one can go for over $2,000!! Those outstripped bullion prices long, long ago. But, regarding silver, you could be panels eat up a decent amount of silver.
  13. Those W's are getting hard to find, I've heard. I actually found one in my laundry money today, so there's still some out there waiting to be found.
  14. Sometimes people do bad things to coins........
  15. I'd just spend it, Emmy, unless you wanted it as a reference piece as GBrad said. Die chips don't really add value to coins most of the time. If it were mine, it'd have a date with the Laundromat next week.
  16. That is very true, sadly, and probably has a lot to do with why this myth won't die.
  17. It's amazing how difficult it is to get rid of rumors, misinformation and outright lies once they get out into any given community, and that is rather dismaying and demoralizing. To cite another example from our hobby, look at the "1964 SMS" coins........that whole myth just won't die!!
  18. When I lived in California, the dealer I went to out there was able to get some pretty good results with EZest and hazy modern Proof coins. Keep in mind that this guy was extremely skilled and in over 22 years of participating in this hobby as an adult, he's still the only person I know of who I would say has the skills to really work with that stuff and actually improve coins. Basically, I'd put it like this.....if you're the kind of person with the skills to use EZest and actually improve coins, you wouldn't have to ask about doing so on the NGC Boards
  19. My favorite State Quarter is actually Idaho: I like it because of the Peregrine Falcon. However, from what I know if it, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like Idaho the state though.
  20. They sold quickly, but I wouldn't recommend buying Details graded coins at a coin shop and trying to sell them on eBay to try to make a profit. You can undoubtedly sell them on eBay, but you'd likely end up losing money on the deal. I've never made a profit on a Details graded coin in over 12 years of selling coins on eBay.
  21. That's a good one!!! And I've found my fair share of Faustian bargains in my time
  22. Ancient Egyptian?! Those are not Ancient Egyptian in any sense of the word. I have an Egyptian Tetradrachm of Roman Empress Faustina the Younger minted in the 140s CE.....that's Ancient Egyptian. Those are modern, obsolete types from the 20th Century and, yes, most of them have very little to no value. There are a couple from the Egyptian Monarchy of the early to mid 20th Century, but I think they're in way too bad of condition to have any real value, either and those are the best pieces of anything that you've posted. My old boss would sell those coins at 25 cents a piece. They're all essentially worthless.
  23. That's a tough question. The one thing you could do is look on eBay and see what other Details graded coins of those dates have sold for. That's one way. When I first started out and got some Details grades, I'd just list them on eBay and let them sell for what they sold for, which is what I would recommend for you if you're planning to sell those coins.