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  1. NOTE; This Coin, The 1 KILO Olympic Coin in PROOF 70 ULTRA CAMEO, 5866935-001 It's also Dated 2000, that we bought when we were over in Sydney, in 2000. Along with the 16 coin set and the Gold set. That we have not listed yet. Still need to get the Gold Set Graded By NGC. George Blatsos, ( Blaster )
  2. Consider a new Slot for the Sydney Olympics. The 1 KILO Olympic Coin in PROOF 70 ULTRA CAMEO, 5866935-001 I Also see that a new slot was added to this set the $5.00 Para-Olympics Coin. Made it a 17 Coin Set. It's not one of the Original Coins in the Sydney Olympics Set But a Slot was Created for it. So why not a coin that's one of the Sydney Olympics. That came in the Wood Box of 16 Coins. I see there are only 17 Slots for Sydney Olympics But the 1 KILO Coin is also one the Best Olympic coins and it would be an Olympic Coin. Thank you, George Blatsos, ( Blaster ) Now # 2 in this set. Silver $5, Sydney Olympics, 2000, Proof
  3. Hi Ali E. Now I hope I did this correctly with the instructions you sent me. I did not put Add now. But Submit for Review the 3 Gold $200 coins 2004 Gold Cassowary Proof Ultra Cameo 5866929-021 2005 Gold Malleeowl Proof Ultra Cameo 5866929-022 2006 Gold Cockatoo Proof 69 Ultra Cameo 5866929-023 and I did not hit ADD COIN but Submit for review I did see that the coins were in the Registry but no Slot for them so did exactly what you told me to do Step by step hope I did it correctly thank you George Blatsos Review.
  4. This where I found out how the process works. It’s one of the best post I’ve seen to date. Hi, Tom. It is our pleasure. Once you attempt to add your coin to the "regular" slot, then your coin goes in the admin. queue for review. Then the member of the registry team will do the necessary research and make any necessary updates to registry slots at that time. Thanks! So The one that Tom asked about and you reply’s to brought me up to speed and date as to how it all works. Best post. I’ve seen.
  5. Good afternoon Alie, I have a Question about the 2000 Olympic Set. As you know I have all 16 Coins in the Slots and currently in the #2 Position. In just a few days I should be getting back my 2000, 1 Kilo Olympic Coin that is the largest in that set but it does not have a Slot for it. I sent it Over night mail Express Certified , then when it’s back that’s when I will need help putting Into this Olympic Set if we can or make a Spoy for just like they did fir the Paralympics coin that’s making my set #2 , it seems a Slot was created for it. I also have that exact same coin but have not tried to put it in. If I can then I’ll get it Certified as well. so any help would great. this way I’m not messing things up as you told me I was not going it correctly. that I do understand now. I was just not following the game plan you have set on putting coins in slots that do not exist. thank you, George Blatsos. you so helpful when it comes to getting it correct
  6. Question, I will have 3 more coins to add to the 2000 Olymics Set once they get back from NGC. the 1 KILO SYDNEY OYLMPICS COIN, The $5.00 Paralympic Silver Coin that I see is in another Set that I am Competeing with that put's me in Second Place As well as the Last Coin and the Very First Coin of the Paralympic Set the $1.00 Proof Coin that's the Very First Coin of them all. Just waiting on NGC to get them dome along with the Other 50 Coins I have At NGC Being Graded. all Australia Coins to Fill the Silver $10, Pieforts, 1989-Date, Proof and the Rest of that entire set Every single coin. OK I'm Lost right and very tired looking so many coins, I'll look at it again and try and find the Wildlife Both 1 ounce and the 2 ounce coins I have them all On the way back From NGC. Have a Great New Years. George Blatsos Blaster5
  7. Question, 2003 PORT PHILLIP PATTERN 1853. We have every single coin In fact 2 Complete Sets of the Port Phillip Pattern Coin's and for the Life of me i can't find a Slot to put them. Only one Coin is in a Slot and not all of them Their are 4 Coins that Make up this SET. 2003 Aust. $10.00 Port Phillip paattern Proof 70 Ultra Cameo, 5866929-025. 2003 Aust. $5.00 Port Phillip Pattern Proof 70 Ultra Cameo, 5866929-026 2003 Aust. $2.00 Port Phillip Pattern Proof 70 Ultra Cameo. 5866929-029 2003 Aust. $1.00 Port Phillip Pattern Proof 70 Ultra Cameo, 5866929-031 Now the Only coin in any Set is the . 2003 PORT PHILLIP PATTERN 1853. In a Massive list and no other Port Phillip coins in that Listing. Thank you and Happy Hunting and good Luck It's Driving me nuts tyring to find Slots for these Coins and i have so many more that I can't find anyplace to put. George Blatsos Blaster5
  8. I’d like to Request a new $200.00 Gold Proof Set of the 3 Coins that came as a Set. the 2004 Australia Gold $200.00 Proof Cassowary. This coin 5866929-021 is in Proof 70 Ultra Cameo. 2nd coin, a Australia Rare Birds Gold $200.00, 5866929-022, Malleefowl Proof 70 Ultra Cameo. The last coin in the Wood Box that these 3 Gold Coins came in. The 2006 Australia Gold Cockatoo, 5866929-023, Proof 69 Ultra Cameo. Now I have not seen any listings in the NGC Registry Set to put these ir I would have. their might be. But I never found it. SO PLEASE HELP ME!!! Thank once Again. George Blatsos Blaster5
  9. Can Someone from the "NGC REGISTRY", help me build the 16 coin Set to put all the Coins that Were from the 2000 Olympics in. Just need a bit of help to make one is all. Thank you. I already have the Complete 1892-1954 Early COMM SET FINISHED, and STAND AT # 12 in the Registry. It Took many years to get it up that high with 144 coins in High Grade but worth all time and effort, that both my Wife and put our Hearts into. And Yes we will keep making it better as the time goes on. and the coins become available. Some are Just very hard to find in, Very High Grade. ( BLASTER5 )
  10. Australia, Compeditive Set Not listed, 16 Coin, THE SYDNEY 2000 OLYMPIC SILVER COIN SET 16 Coins All CERTIFIED. Need to Create a Set.
  11. Makes sense, I can see why. I have a few questions I'd love to ask. But I seem to find them already posted. So no need to add a post that's already done. Thank you, George B. Blaster5