RIGHT ON AUDROP! The Points system and FMV is WAY outta line!




Also a close up of my 1849-P Reverse...Collectors, I just read the post by audrop and it took me back to quite a few posts I have made on the same subject. audrop went on to say, politely I might add, that this is just but one mans opinion. But actually I do honestly believe what was said on the FMV and on the points system issue is the view of the vast majority except maybe the collector who has 15-20 sets of Sac Dollars with all of them the same grade (70) and done so just to garner a zillion points.This 1849 $10 gold piece does not have many more points than one of those MS or proof Sac dollars in 70. But if you asked 100 or 1,000 collectors which coin they would rather own, they would pick a piece of gold almost 165 years old rather than a piece of copper less than 15 years old. Now I am not against a collector who really likes the Sac or Presidential Dollars and more power to him or her to have a complete set in MS-70 or Proof-70. What I do not get is not only the FMV of these copper dollars, but I really for the life of me see how these coins get the points they do when there are many of thousands of them with possibly millions more that still sit in a proof set or mint sets that have never been submitted for grading. At the end of the day/line you could easily end up with 100,000 coins from a single date with a grade of MS or proof 70. Those of you who are curious, go take a look at how many just NGC has graded in 70 and then take a gander at the total points that each of these non-rare coins bring and then compare them to the coins that are truly scarce to downright rare, and the difference in the point scale, then you will see what audrop and myself are trying to get across.Those of you that are interested, scroll back through my 260+ journals and locate the posts I did on points. There are some additional details about points that most would find very interesting. It will explain what I am trying to say here in much greater detail than has been gone into thus far. Of course since then, some of the more scarce to rare coin series have been adjusted upward. But they are still way off. A great deal of work is still left to do in that area alone.Anyway that is all I am gonna say on that subject. Because with what was said today, and what I have written in the past, pretty much says it all, and then some. But under no circumstances am I knocking the collectors of these coins, or any coin sets for that matter. I would just like to see a fair way of assigning points to the Sac and Presidetial dollars, comparing them to Gold coins that NGC has only seen 164 total coins graded out of a mintage of 8,350. And that 164 coins is in all grades from F-15 to AU-50, with just a few coins higher. Just fairness is what I and many others are looking for. And that is it period.Now that I have another journal, I may as well show a closeup of the 1849-P ten reverse I just posted. It is a beauty and well worth the 1,916 points it garners here. Actually this coin is an A.U.-58 hiding in an A.U.-53 brand new PCGS slab, worth 2,591 points. But the graders looking at this $10 saw the coin as an AU-53 and not a 58. Oh well...The jury has spoken loud and clear regardless of my thoughts.Thanks for reading and please do not take this post the wrong way. There are many different collectors who collect many different series of coins. And each one of those collectors are just as proud of their sets as I am of mine. And I would never downplay a coin series that someone else likes. After all, this IS a free country.Happy Collecting!WKF14837.JPG.2702a4688d9eb07baea225dd9dfb0082.JPG



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