California Gold Rush Gold...1849-P $10 Gold Obverse



The vast majority of all gold found during the California gold rush for the first few years, made its way back to the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia PA to be minted into coins but some made it to New Orleans and finally the San Fransisco Mint when it was finally constructed. Along with the Carson City Mint too.

Greetings Collectors,

Having said all of that above, it would be nice to have one of these old gold coins speak of its history and its travels. I do believe that an 1849 $10 gold piece would have quite a story to share. maybe Doc Holiday held this coin in his hand as he was about to ante for a hand of five card stud with a group of cowboys. This is my forth and final coin to arrive in the group of four that I purchased.

It actually came this last Friday but I was not home so I had to take my slip to the Post Office Saturday morning to pick it up. The excitement never ceases to amaze me when I am patiently waiting to open a parcel where a really nice coin is sitting, so that I can hold it in my hand and study it even more closely that I was able to before. Even with the great photos that Apmex takes. Nothing is like a coin in hand. And needless to say, this coin did not let me down one little bit.

This ten as you can see is in a brand new PCGS slab and it is common knowledge among collectors that both PCGS and NGC have gotten much tougher on their grading standards. This date/mint had a fairly large number minted and NGC has graded a total of 924 coins in all grades from 2-coins in VG to 4-coins in MS-64. In this grade of A.U.-53 NGC has seen 138 coins total. But this piece is at least an AU-55 if not an AU-58. It looks gorgeous and I am very thankful to have acquired it for the very low price of less than $1,000.

With this addition, I now stand with a total of 22 graded tens, which lands me firmly in 14th place in this series. (even though I will have to wait until tomorrow to attain my 1900 plus points because of the coin being housed in a PCGS holder) and maybe one day I will make it into the top ten. Regardless of where I stand I am pleased as punch to have the beautiful examples that I own. Each one was studied and pondered over very closely before the coin was bought. And out of all 20+ coins, I have, I have only returned a single coin that did not come up to my satisfaction. And that was a few years ago.

Anyway I hope all is well with all of you and these latest group of posts have reconnected me with many friends here and also some new ones as well. I will post the pics of this very nice ten after I finish this post. I have both the obverse and reverse pics cropped and edited, ready to add to my set here, in case any of you would care to see the reverse which is nicer than the obverse as far as lack of rub and luster and detail remaining.

Happy Collecting!





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