3 of my 4 $10 Gold Libertys Arrived Today & Were Entered With 55 Minutes to Spare...



Talk about Going Down to The Wire...

Greetings Collectors,

Just wanted to share with you all what arrived in the mail today. Three of the four coins I had been waiting on came early this A.M. And I have just entered them into my $10 Liberty set.

Today I received two old green holders with an 1874-P in one and an 1890-P in the other. The third was a nice 1883-S in a new PCGS slab. Now all I am waiting on from Apmex is my 1849-P PCGS AU-53.

Good luck to all of you with your sets who are trying for an award in. But there is so much more to this Hobby than awards. All they are is an added plus to something we already enjoy the heck out of.

Below are pics of these 3 latest coins.

Happy Collecting & Good Luck to All!





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