Is it Normal for a collector to change Gears/Interests Multiple Times?



I know it has been that way for me for many many years...I have accused myself of being a whore the way I would jump from one love to another. This may not be normal, and if it is not, then I am a sad case indeed. But it has always been the makeup of my coin collecting attitude.

Greetings Collectors,

Thank you all so much for your kind words about my Ten Dollar Liberty Gold. I have been working on these coins for so very long, but unfortunately a single coin is 3-5 times what I use to pay for Franklin halves and O-Mint Morgan Dollars. Thus the going is very slow. Gosh I remember when I was on a tear with my Franklin halves and that was all I looked at and searched for. Then it was about a year or better when I was avidly collecting old pour silver bars. Then it was modern $5 Eagles from the Mint and even a short tear on O-Mint Morgan Dollars. And now I have sold several duplicates in the Franklin series and some of my scarcer duplicate silver bars that I can fortunately get quite a bit more for, than just the spot price of silver. That and a few trades have been my only funding of my acquisisions of the tens I have been getting.

I look back on so many coin series that I devoted almost all my efforts and money to at one time or another, only to find a new love with a new series. These $10 Liberty's were kind of an accident to start with. I have always loved pre-1933 gold and back in 2003 and 2004 I had a real good job and was paying the same for $20 Gold pieces as I am now paying for most of my tens. Besides the fact they were gold I started looking at the ultra low mintage numbers, coupled with what had been graded by NGC and based on those two sets of numbers, I was astounded by the fair prices these very scarce to rare $10 chunks of gold were bringing, compared to their melt price. And then I would look at coins such as the 1893-S Morgan Dollar that there are a couple thousand of them+ just at NGC. Yet in the lowest grades of fair-2 up to XF 40-45 and thereabouts, yet these very well worn with some even beat up looking silver dollars were still bringing big money. Just NGC has graded in all grades 2,557 of this 1893 Morgan from the San Fransisco Mint. And there are many O-Mint $10's that have a total mintage that is far less than that Twenty Five Hundred plus population number at just one of the third party graders.

Now I know prices are not altogether determined by mintage and populations. It also has a great bit to do, with maybe the largest part to do with the huge size of the collector base. Many more collectors collect the Morgan silver dollar and the Walker half and the Lincoln cent among other coin series than collect $10 gold coins, thus with me collecting these Eagles, I realize I am in a very small minority. But I still love these old gold coins. And I can't hardly wait on the 4-coins that I have on the way that I mentioned in my last journal. After these latest ones, I will need to do some serious "backing off" in my purchases or all my kids will get for Christmas will be a candy bar or two lol.

I know we are not supposed to try and sell coins or buy coins here in the journals. And those of you that know me well, know that I do not do any of that for the most part. But it got me to thinking about all of the $.50 and $1.00 commemorative coins still in the OGP along with proof sets and mint sets, Prestige Proof sets, raw Silver Eagles with all still in their boxes. I have all of these just mentioned and many many more two coin and three coin sets of Silver and Commemorative sets as well. Sad to say, none of these coins interest me in the least. I read and thought it was quite cool what Rick was trying to finish putting together along those lines, which got me to thinking about another collector here that goes by # with his name being David that really needs an 1879-O ten dollar gold to complete his 1879 mint set. I am looking for him and also looking for one for myself since that is one of quite a few New Orleans Mint $Tens I still have yet to find. So if any of you can help David or myself out with that tough date/mint, I know I would be most thankful and David would be even more so. Thankful that is. If you know of one, please offer it to him first. I think I am safe to say that a fine 15-20 would be the limit on my pocketbook with David maybe being able to swing for an XF 40-45. But we both need that 1879-O Ten Liberty.


I trust that you all and your families had a great safe Thanksgiving and that all of you are getting ready for the next sets of Holiday's coming up. Take care my friends and know that I will continue to Pray that all of you will find that coin or coins that have thus far eluded you. Below is my example of the very scarce 1893-O that has an almost completely cameo frosted bust on the obverse and on the reverse as well. I have had this coin for a few months now, but I am still very thankful in having such a scarce coin that looks so good to fill this slot in my ten dollar Liberty series.

Happy Collecting!

WKF (Kerry)




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