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Too Late For An Award Consideration, But....Maybe not...



Made a trade with some ungraded foreign gold for three more $10 Liberty's that are on the way. And I found a very nice 1849-P $10 on the Apmex web site to make a total of four coming my way.

Greetings Collectors,


The addiction of ten dollar Liberty gold continues with me, but may be too little too late for a best presented set for 2013. I was able to trade almost melt gold for melt gold on three of the four. But I believe I got the better of the trade. I was not able to acquire any New Orleans Mint gold in this small group, but I was able to get four nice $10 coins. All are PCGS pieces but I still have way more NGC examples than PCGS slabs in these $10 Liberty Gold coins.

Due to the Holiday weekend all four will not be here until the latter part of next week. Well past the deadline. But the 4-coins coming consist of a PCGS 1849 in AU-53 from Apmex and the three I traded for are the following.

1874-P AU-55 in an Old Green Holder Mintage 53,140

1883-S MS-60 in a regular PCGS Holder Mintage 38,000

1890-P AU-55 in an Old Green Holder. Mintage 57,980

And the PCGS 1849 AU-53 with a mintage of 653,618

All 4-coins appear to be undergraded examples, or at least strong for the grade.

Total coins graded in all grades at NGC on these four dates are as follows:

1849-P 923 in all grades

1874-P 317 in all grades

1890-P 414 in all grades

And the 1883-S was the coup of the group with a total of 136 coins graded in all grades.

19 in MS-60

21 in MS-61

10 in MS-62

And the highest is 3-Coins total in MS-63 with none higher. But quite a few lower graded ones.

With these additions, it will put me firmly in 15th place for the series where I will probably stay until a few more old pour silver bar sales on eBay when I can pay the $390 balance on a very nice very scarce 1907-S in NGC MS-62 which has a total of 346 coins in all grades at NGC #55 in MS-62 with 20 total coins graded higher, which may push me to fourteenth place overall in the series. I know I'll never make it any higher than possibly the top ten. But I could live out my life happy as a lark never going any higher than that.

WOW coin collecting is fun. But is as strong an addiction as any drug out there I would surmise. But here on Thanksgiving there are so many other things I am more thankful for, coin collecting is just a hobby that's my favorite and one I am very thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Collecting to all.


P.S. Sorry no pics this time, but as soon as these coins arrive next week, I'll post photos of them. They are really strong for their grades assigned and I am very thankful to own them.



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