My Collectors Society coupon for last year's renewal has been sitting unused in a desk drawer for almost a year now. With the coupon expiration date fast approaching I figured that it was high time that I stopped procrastinating and sent in my five free submissions. After much deliberation I decided to use the coupon to cross-over five of my PCGS certified USA-Philippines coins.

The coins that I am submitting for cross-over are:

1) 1906 Five Centavos, PR 65 (1676 Registry Points)

2) 1908 Fifty Centavos, PR64 (1163 Registry Points)

3) 1917-S Twenty Centavos, MS64 (833 Registry Points)

4) 1928-M Twenty Centavos MULE, AU55 (1490 Registry Points)

5) 1937-M Five Centavos, MS65 (709 Registry Points)

All of the coins are solid for their grade and should have no difficulty crossing over. The crossovers will bring some nice increases in my NGC only registry points.

Two of the crossovers, the 1908 Fifty Centavos PR64 and 1937-M Five Centavos MS65, will be used to upgrade my prize winning (2011 Best Presented Set) USA/Philippines Type Set.


The coin pictured is my 1908 Fifty Centavos, PR64 in its old green PCGS holder. I can't wait to see her dressed up in a new NGC Scratch-Resistant Edge View holder.


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