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Fantastic Variety of New Custom Set Additions

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Along with my recent submission which finished 2 of my Bahamian Silver MS sets, I also added 8 more coins to my granddaughter's growing " bear coins" themed collection. She really does enjoy these coins I find and is not just humoring her pawpaw with the ooohs and aaahs. It is fun to see her loop the 20x loupe around her little finger and stare down at all the small details--shifting and turning to get the right light and focus to get the clearest image ( just as I taught her!)

This submission was a strange one from the start. As I checked to make sure the package arrived safely to Sarasota, the initial logging of the coins had 3 of them as "ineligible.' Since I have seen all 3 of the coins that are marked as "ineligible" in NGC slabs on websites, I figured that what the cataloguer really meant was "illegible" since my writing style is somewhat unique in its -script style.


As the coins progressed through the process, two of the coins lost the "ineligible" moniker and just one retained it--the North Korean coin. I later received an email informing me that N Korea is on the banned list for grading ( I presume Russia, Syria, Libya, Iran and other boogeymen countries will be soon to follow on the list.) Both of the other coins did end up with issues though--the Greenland coin, which has a value of 1 Piastre and is minted at a legit mint is labeled as " fantasy issue" on the slab. The British Virgin Islands coin which is gold gilt and coated in Rhodium was also bodybagged like the N Korean coin because, "colorized outside of mint.' This simply isn't true, the Pobjoy mint which both minted the plain silver issues and the 500 limited edition, gold-gilt issues is the #1 private mint of European countries and mints hundreds of issues which are recognized as legal currency and are in NGC slabs by the thousands. I have the government packaging and coas to prove it is officially licensed product of the BVI govt. If we accept dozens of FM issues, and coins from small countries without their own independent mints, this coin should be allowed. The least they could do is put the coin in a slab without a grade and say "private mint, ungradable"--then I could add it to a custom set or inventory it as well as have it protected with encapsulation, after all-I PAID FOR IT.


I was surprised to be given a credit/refund for the N Korean coin--the first time over the years that I have received my money back ( out of dozens) for NGC not providing the paid service but I'm still hundreds and hundreds in losses for coins they wouldn't grade but kept my cash anyhow. Maybe once they open the box it counts as Tier Service??

Whatever, my bellyaching won't change anything--I'll just blame it on the Russians, like everything else......here are three of my prizes that did get encapsulated. My Greenland "fantasy issue", a wonderfully artistic, geometric rendition of swimming polar bear with cub, and the final one is my newest favorite--a polar bear ( also under northern lights) with actual diamond dust mixed into the silver to give the appearance of glistening snow--really cool stuff...enjoy and happy hunting....





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Nice coins and nice grades for the coins that NGC would grade. I kinda understand North Korea but the rest NGC didn't grade? I can also see your point about being able to add the other submissions to your set seeing that others have had them graded in the past. That said NGC is opening up on a lot of different coins and medals that in the past they would not have graded. For instance, all the medals I have added to my Laura Gardin Fraser set. On those I emailed NGC before sending them and actually had them reply once by asking me to send photos of the medals, just to be sure. The whole thing for us as collectors is to be able to display them in sets and in your case have your granddaughter to examine them without getting her fingerprints on the coins!

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Thanks for the tip--such a simple solution that I should have thought of hundreds of dollars ago.  I usually don't like to bother people by asking for them to provide extra/personal assist ( I always envision those people who drive waiters crazy by asking, "can I get a drink refill" one minute later, "can I get more napkins" " can
I get lemon for my water" etc) but at this point, I am really tired of " ineligible, not gradeable, outside mint, not recognized...yada yada.

Maybe I should go back and count how many there have been in the decade+ of submissions and see if they'd give me at least half credit for all of the charges for "grading and encapsulating" that never happened but that I was charged for.....

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