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Dirty Hawaiian Beauty Bounced into My Grasp



NGC census reflects a total population of 2 for the entire coin series...

I've been looking hard and long to acquire this coin...

I purchased a raw Undated Hawaii HK-722A so called dollar.

She looks a bit scruffy, but hopefully NCS can work their eye appeal miracle for me.

Hibler & Kappenan assigned a R-6 Fuld rarity scale to this coin. Between 21 - 75 specimens are possibly known to be extant.

My Undated Hawaii So Called Dollar Type set is now complete. I'm planning to ship this coin and my HK-723 to NGC via NCS.

My last journal entry pointed out the conflicting Medcalf & Russell designation and Hibler & Kappenan designation. I was astute enough to ignore the Medcalf & Russell listed price/designation (reason for the low number of bidders and resulting low winning bid). This coin was only listed with its Medcalf & Russell designation (and identified as a medal). As a result, this coin was unseen by the larger crowd of so called dollar collectors.

This so called dollar is unique in that the obverse text names Hawaii as the 49th state (the coin designer really had a bad sense of timing, was politically inept or was simply guessing).

The Undated Hawaii so called dollars types can be seen at


Fuld rating can be seen in a sample copy of HK's book on google (bottom of page 137 and page 8 for the Fuld rating breakdown)


NGC listind of HK-722A



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