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Greetings all, Decembers Coin of the Month centers on my Netherlands 10 Gulden, Wilhelmina I, 1897-1933, Circulation Issue registry set. That set entitled, Garys Golden Wilhelmina Guldens is currently the top set in NGCs registry.

Instead of focusing on the individual coins, I intend to contrast this sets progress with where it was three years ago. To peruse Queen Wilhelminas biography, important information pertinent to all the coins, and an account of each upgrade, I direct you to Garys Golden Wilhelmina Guldens where that information is contained.

Technically speaking, the beginnings of this set began more than four years ago with a type coin. Representing Queen Wilhelmina in my Inspirational Ladies custom set, I bought an 1897 Netherlands 10 gulden coin on March 29, 2008 grading UNC Details on a NCS submission. Less than a year later, on January 21, 2009, I upgraded that coin to MS-64. Now that I had the coin I wanted, I thought that was the end of it. That was until NGC established a registry set for the entire series.

There were many reasons I decided to start a 10 gulden Wilhelmina I, 1897-1933, Circulation Issue registry set. The first is my admiration of Queen Wilhelmina as an important leader in world history. Next, because of low demand for these coins, I can purchase most of them for a minimum premium over melt value. Finally, with just eleven coins, including only one scarce date, this is a very collectible series and as a bonus, all the coins are struck in .900 fine gold.

Since I believe that goals should be challenging, attainable, and most importantly affordable, I established two goals for this set. The first is that all the coins grade MS-65 or higher. With low populations for some dates, NGCs population report shows that all the dates in this set have MS-65 coins. The second goal which is proving to be much more difficult, is that the set be the best possible. Naturally, as this goal suggests, I intend to populate this set with top-population NGC coins. Not having achieved either goal yet, Garys Golden Wilhelmina Guldens is the best it can be at this time.

Throughout my collection, this set of Wilhelmina Guldens is the only set I own with the aforementioned goals. You can imagine the cost if I had similar goals for my Morgan Dollars. Nevertheless, it is my firm belief that collectors of any, and every means do a great service in our hobby by assembling top-notch sets of the best coins possible. My level of affordability allows for this set, for another collector a set of Morgan Dollars, and still for another collector, a year set of modern coins. Magnificent coins need to be together in great sets, thereby leaving a numismatic legacy for future generations of coin collectors. Furthermore, the registry is an excellent tool for collectors to do just that.

Since starting this set in 2009, I have made significant progress towards my goals. Beginning in 2009 with four MS-63s, two MS-64s, three MS-65s, one MS-66, and one MS-67, my set now consists of three MS-64s, four MS-65s, and four MS-66s. In terms of total points, this set had 8,217 points in 2009 compared to 8,849 today. In 2009, I had no NGC graded top-pops (the MS-67 and one MS-65 were PCGS graded coins), and today I have four (1911, 1912, 1927, and 1932). All told, there were three upgrades to this set in 2009, one in 2010, three in 2011, and three in 2012. Two of the coins in this set I have crossed over from PCGS to NGC, the MS-65 1911 to NGC MS-65 and the MS-67 1917 to NGC MS-66. Furthermore, there are no coins in this set that grade any more than one point lower than the top coin in NGCs population report.

In conclusion, part of the reason I am posting this article now is that I am spit shining this set in preparation for the upcoming annual awards. In the spirit of true competitiveness and good will, I wish all those who are preparing their sets for the awards all the best. Regardless of the results, I am proud of this set and I am delighted with its progress. The following is the link to my set:


I hope you enjoy the photographs and the detailed historical and technical write-ups for every coin.

The coin I am using to represent my set this month is a 1932 NGC MS-66 Netherlands 10 gulden gold coin. With 122 coins in NGCs population report, this coin has a population of one with none higher. Now until next time, Merry Christmas, happy collecting, and good luck with the awards.



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