My adventures with the "100 Greatest", part 3



Farewell to the coin that started my "problem"...

I used to be an "old coin" snob. Coin collecting to me was owning bits and pieces of history. I thought that the US Mint collector's products were a little bit of a cop out (for lack of better words). AND poor investments at that! Then one day in 2000 I got something in the mail advertising the latest mint offering, and this one caught my attention big time! it was b-imetallic and beautiful! The 2000 Library of Congress Commemerative $10 coin, platinum wrapped in gold! Never mind that "how BORING" is the thought of a coin celebrating a library (Zzzzz) I had to have that coin! So, against my now ex wife's threats, I ordered the shiny proof for around $400. I thought "why would anybody order the dull uncirdulated version for ten dollars less?"

Well a lot of people must have thought the same thing because the proof outsold the uncirculated version nearly 5 to 1, and today an MS70 version may sell for as much as $5000!

Knowing that, I have been keeping my eye out for an NGC MS70 coin for my "100 Greatest" collection, occasionally putting in "low ball" bids. Well son of a gun if one of those low ball bids came through! (Maybe $3550 was not so low ball...) so to make room for the new arrival I am selling the coin that started my obsession with modern US mint products. I have enjoyed it over the years, but now it"s just not "dull" enough for me.

(Coin is being auction at that "big site" by Cellgazer.)


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