Speaking of dipping and cameos....



or My adventures....part 2.5

I had purchased a lot of 20 1966 special mint sets around two years ago. On initial inspection, I was disappointed in the quality of the coins, most were hazy to some degree, and Dammit! there were no "no FGs" or DDOs as far as I could tell. Also, there was a distinct lack of cameos, or so I thought. I vaguely remembered that one or two of the halves appeared to be somewhat cameo, but unfortunately the fields were hazing and mottled. A few weeks ago I revisited those coins and decided to do some further experimentation with dipping. Below is one of the halves. The fields cleaned up quite nicely, and quite frankly pictures do not do it justice. The coin is a little spotty however, so I am expecting a MS66 cameo. with some super luck, (hoping the graders had a two martini lunch) I will end up with a MS67 Ultra Cameo! In that case it will go straight into my 100 Greatest set. Watch your tail Mr. Cramer! :)

Will follow up when the coins get back from NGC. Guys, two martinis at lunch are GOOD for you! (just make sure you walk back to work.)


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