My adventures with the "100 Greatest", part 2



to dip or not to dip....

After my purchase of the 1990 no S cent, I searched Ebay for other coins to submit for the "100 Greatest" label. I found a 1966 SMS with a "no FG" half. The photos were not very good, but I was in a gambling mood and decided to take a chance with it. I got the set in the mail today, and to my pleasent surprise, the half looked nearly flawless! After examination with 10X I am convinced that it should be a strong MS67! Only problem was a light milky haze that tends to haunt these special mint sets. SO, after short deliberation with myself, I decided to dip the coin...the haze disappeared!

Below is a photo of the reverse of the coin. The front is prettier, but the back is where the money is! Will report back with the final grade.


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