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Hot off the press! New rules on E-Bay



What does the collecting community out there think of these changes? I think theyre a step in the right direction to truth in purchasing on E-Bay

As coin collecting continues to grow and thrive on eBay, customers have told us time and again that knowing they can buy and sell with confidence is important. Well be updating eBays Stamps, currency, and coins policy to help foster that confidence--this update may impact your coin listings.

Starting May 30, all new listings and relistings in coin categories will need to meet the following requirements:

First, listings for coins will be allowed to include a numeric grade in their listing title or item description only if the coin grading company meets certain objective standards.* Coins that havent been graded by these companies will be considered raw or ungraded. Currently, eBay has determined that only the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) and the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) meet these standards.

Second, for US Coins only, grading by companies meeting these standards will now be required for all coins listed with a Buy It Now, reserve, or start price of $2,500 and above.

Good;Til Cancelled listings will have until June 30th to comply with the revised policy. Listings that dont comply by these dates will be ineligible for relist or renewal and will be removed.

Weve heard from both buyers and sellers that theyd like to see more coins on eBay graded by companies who meet high standards. These new requirements are an important step toward meeting these marketplace demands. Take action now to ensure your listings comply with these new changes.

As always, thank you for selling on eBay,

eBay Selling Team

*These standards will be posted on eBays website shortly.

Sorry this didnt post on the boards (ARRGG) follow this link to respond. I still cant get a link to copy right (ARRRGGGG) frustrating computer stuff At any rate go to the NGC forum coins to respond.



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