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A web site where I make the rules is on line. Now I have the prerogative of putting raw coins in my sets if I so desire!

Greetings all, when NGC issued eviction notices to all the PCGS world coins in the competitive registry, I had wished that I had my own web page so that I could display my coins as complete sets. Its not the loss of points that annoys me as much as its the structure of my sets where one coin description is dependent on another.

When I wrote of my dilemma in a post, I got a response from Collectors Society member VUMC409, who offered to construct a website for me. VUMC409 was very generous in his offer, and I accepted it.

VUMC409 worked on my web design as I tepidly worked my way through to purchase a domain name and web hosting with word press for my blog. All told, the costs involved were not that excessive, but watch the add-ons because they add onto the cost in a hurry. I purchased the domain name for two years figuring that if I dont like it, Im not locked into it.

I found Web design to be way outside my comfort zone and at times during the process I wondered what I had gotten myself into. However, with VUMC409s help I managed to muddle my way through it to the starter site I have on line today.

I am beginning my site simple with my Wilhelmina Guldens set and I plan on many more additions later. My home page will explain everything. Because I am starting my set with small European gold coins, I am reposting a journal on the subject dated 9-19-2009 on my blog. So take a ride, kick the tires, and tell me what you think.

In conclusion, I want to thank VUMC409 for his efforts in making my web site a reality. I also want to thank NGC for shaking the nest, causing me to spread my wings and fly.


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