No I will not crossover my PCGS USA/Philippines coins

I have been asked on the Chat Boards if I will crossover the PCGS coins in my award winning USA/Philippines Type Set. http://coins.www.collectors-society.com/registry/coins/SetListing.aspx?PeopleSetID=51257

I think that it is worth repeating my chat board response as a Journal entry:

No I don't plan to cross over the two PCGS certified coins in my USA/Philippines Type Set. There is no need to cross them over, at least at this time, because the USA/Philippine coins of 1903 through 1945 were struck under U.S. sovereignty and are considered U.S. not World coins. Even if NGC decides to ban PCGS coins from U.S. registry in the future I would not cross them over on General Principle.

When I purchase my coins I buy the coin not the holder. If you monitor the major coin auctions you will see that the very finest USA/Philippine coins are about equally divided between PCGS and NGC. In fact in sereral dates the finest known examples are only available in PCGS holders. For example I have a really beautiful 1936 M Roosevelt & Quezon Peso in MS66 which is the highest grade certified by NGC. With a NGC population of 16 coins and a combined NGC, PCGS, ANACS population of 45 coins MS66 specimens of this coin are both Extremely Rare (R-8) and desirable, however the very finest example of the 1936 M Roosevelt & Quezon is a Prohibitively Rare (R-10) PCGS MS67 which is unique for the grade. It would be very limiting for the Quality of my collection to limit it to NGC certified coins.

While I prefer NGC over PCGS and will continue to send my raw coins to NGC for certification I certainly would not pass up a beautiful PCGS coin and will not waste any of my precious collecting budget on crossovers.

The coin pictured is the obverse of a NGC MS66 1936 M Roosevelt & Quezon Peso.





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