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Understanding turn around time



Follow up from yesterdays E-mail

Fellow collectors, I do understand NGC getting swamped with submissions. I do understand that it's now going to take longer. I can also understand the price increase because of the aforementioned. Yes, NGC is a great coin grader. If you want the service, your gonna pay for it. If you want to service, your gonna wait for it. I really don't have a problem waiting an extra week, but it still sticks in my head that I could of had my submissions a week ago, like they first stated. I could of paid less if I sent them in before the 15th of Jan when I got the notice 30th of Jan.

I don't have a coin store, this is just a hobby that I can pass down to my kids and maybe some going on Ebay for possible future purchases. I do make enough to take care of my wife and 3 kids, so I have to watch how many coins I send in. The 5 free coin grading is a great deal for me, but like I said, I just have 2 French coins from 1585 and 1588 that I would like NGC to grade. I do not want to buy 3 more foreign coins just to get them graded either. I've sent in 4 sets of 1971 proof sets that are NGC graded PF67 Cameo, PF68, PF68 Cameo, and PF69 Cameo, and I want them in the multi coin holder, which is gonna cost me $5.00 a coin to have them put in there, even though they are already in NGC holders, and I already paid once for grading. Great, there is another $100.00 plus registered mailing (I'm still on the look out for a NGC PF68 Ultra Cameo dime to complete that set).

What my whole beef was, even though I understand all the delays, price increases and the occassional "flawed" grading, Ms Kersten was, in no way, trying to be understanding towards me, especially when she writes her supervisor with "do I tell him there are no exceptions? Let me know", which, by the way, should of been forwarded E-mail.

Who am I? Just a nobody, but yet a customer. Just a collector who would like to have 2 French coins graded. My $200 spends just as good as the coin dealer that spends $2000.

I'm off my soapbox, and waiting (still) to see what happens.



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