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Coins and Medals of Edward VIII

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Richard Lobel minted many Edward VIII coinage  - mostly in the 1980's

The picture attached is of a bi-metal coin given to me by Richard Lobel when he visited my house in South Africa. I have only ever seen two of them around so must assume there is a low mintage. Perhaps 10? Not sure and Richard remains silent to my inquiry.


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Another minter of Edward VIII fantasy coinage was Adam from Leeds in London. We do know that he copied many of the Pobjoy and Pinches dies and made several fantasy coinage in the early 70's and reportedly late 60's. Although Giordano catalog book shows effigies and reverses of his coinage, it is a great mystery as to were any of his coins have gone.

No person has been able to obtain any sets! In my new catalog we list additional King Edward VIII entries from Adam of Leeds minters regarding Adam's South Africa minted coinage.

The Edward VIII obverse effigy of Adam is somewhat crude (see picture below).

1968 M & E Adams obv for rev for sprinbok with no legend aluminum.JPG

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Below is the crown pattern minted for Edward VIII. Bought for around 7,500 USD and is proudly part of my collection. It is uni-face.


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Richard Lobel was prominent in launching several Edward VIII in the 1980's.

Several of the rarer gold coins minted as well as the gold crowns are hard to come by.  I recently sent a gold Lobel issued Palestine crown to NGC were it graded and was shipped back to Australia. The postal service marked it as 'received'. Sadly the coin has not 'arrived' and this has led to further review with NGC and the Ozzie post office. In any event, the gold crown is rather unique - I have not come across another piece like it. If you do see one please let me know!!

At present I am fortunate to have acquired other similar Lobel crowns in gold. Even though they are approved 'Fantasy' pieces they are indeed very much beautiful.

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At present this Palestine Edward VIII gold crown (Richard Lobel issue) fantasy coin is missing in the Australian post so please keep a watch  out for it should it appear on ebay or a forum!! 

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There has been little official correspondence from Richard Lobel as to his actual mintage numbers...I have requested via email to Him to supply to no avail. If any avid collector does now the mintage figures of all can they please share how many of each fantasy coin he has minted that would be awesome! NGC and PCGS list some mintage figures of  the Richard Lobel Edward VIII series but am not sure they are all correct. Perhaps NGC can write to Lobel and obtain the actual mintage figures!?

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The first person to use the unused dies of Edward VIII and came up with the fantasy series was Geoffrey Hearn, a London coin dealer. Circa 1954.


Below is the Bermuda silver coin 1954/5 - notice how the effigy is so predominantly raised on the coin.



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Duke and Duchess of Windsor minted by Richard Lobel. Gold and silver issue. Mintage figures are skeptical  - some websites indicate 200 gold and 250 silver....if any collector can provide actual mintage figures of the below issues then please comment.

edward VIII obv cc.JPG


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Different effigies of Edward VIII fantasy coinage....International Coin bureau (ICB) 1996, Geofrey Hearn 1954, Richard Lobel 1984




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Adam of Leeds, a minter, used several designs of other minting companies to produce his own fantasy medals/coins/tokens. Would this be considered forgery or just copies as they are really fantasy coinage as such. In any event, none of  the medals have surfaced onto the market. If any collector could share some information on Adam of Leeds that would be great.


DSC04211 f.Jpg


DSC04216 f.JPG

DSC04218 f.JPG

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Most available Edward VIII, apart from memorabilia (This includes badges, mugs, tie pins, flags etc), are the coins produced by Geoffrey Hearn's (1954/5), Pobjoy mint (1972), International Numismatic Agency (minted in 2000 by Peter Jackson), International Currency Bureau (I.C.B)1996 Minted by Peter Jackson and Patrick Dean; Richard Lobel (from 1984) for coin collectors using the original crown dies intended for King Edward's 1936/7 coinage. King Edward VIII abdicated and the coinage dies did not get used for minting apart from several trial and pattern strikes. These trial and pattern coins are exceedingly rare and most sought after.

NGC and PCGS mostly use reference codes from the Book "Portraits of a Prince" by "Giordano and the British Historical Medals'' catalog (BHM).

If you plan to collect all Edward VIII medals, tokens and coins (including fantasy coinage) use these books as a guide. These books cover the majority of Edward VIII coinage, medals, tokens and fantasy coinage.  In the book on South Africa Numismatic pocket price guide (MTB) only the South Africa Edward VIII coinage is listed.

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latest coin

NGC Cert #
NGC Description
NGC Grade
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and another coin...

NGC Cert #
NGC Description
NGC Grade
MS 67 BN
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1937-DATED G.BRITAIN FM-17a SILVER 1972 POBJOY ISSUE CROWN. Did not think it would grade due to a some small scratches but it did and that is most pleasing!


pic 2 pobjoy rev.JPG

pic 1 pobjoy obv.JPG

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1937 G.BRIT BHM-4278 EDWARD VIII ABDICATION SILVER - hard to imagine this rare coin graded however its pleasing that it did. I hope to find a better quality medal of this kind in the future....

pic 4 pobjoy rev.JPG

pic 3 pobjoy obv.JPG

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Although I have sent in several other Edward VIII medals, the silvered  BHM-4286 is the top pop. This is the best condition I could find of this medal. It has taken a while to find one and then have it graded however, I am pleased it did grade MS63.  

pic 1 sivlered Edward VIII BHM 4286.JPG

pic 1 silvered Edward VIII BHM 4286 rev.JPG

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A submitted Edward VIII medal came back from NGC as 'not genuine'. The Seller who I bought it from assures me it is and that NGC can incorrectly examine coins / medals.


I would find it hard to image that the above medal would be a counterfeit as there are non reported as such. The 'not genuine' I understand is that the medal diameter is larger -  I wonder if  perhaps, due to a lack of written information on this unique piece, that it is indeed a trial/ pattern and that NGC may have mistakenly 'error-ed' on the grading?

Should I resubmit to NGC and add the 'review' fee?

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morganthebrave, glad to see you posting once again. Fantastic collection!!!

Have you contacted NGC first and see what they say? They have great customer service, call  and explain and see what they say before you send it in again

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Thanks MK123 for the advice. I have always been somewhat hesitant in phoning NGC (or even PCGS ) on such matters -  maybe they are able to explain as to why the 'not genuine' designation.

In the interim, I have done a research on the medal in question and it appears that several trial pieces had come about back then but not much documentation is known on the subject.

I would tend to think this is a trial piece.

*May I ask if you have experience in contacting NGC for a similar type issue / concern and how was it handled by them? Just curious as to how their approach is in dealing with a 'not genuine' designation.

I am probably straying of the topic somewhat but back in 2015, I had two gold German coins that came back with 'Authenticity questionable'  and had never actually found out why. They weighed the correct weight, I found no fault with their effigies. The condition was immaculate - perhaps to good to be true. The coins come from a deceased estate of a known collector who had wrapped these coins up in cloth and kept in a box for the last 85 years. They were purchased in around 1962. I doubt they are forgeries.

I did contemplate sending these two German gold coins to a known German Collector for a review but if contacting NGC is probably a faster and better method and NGC can advice me further what to do to prove the medal is genuine then I should do that.

Are you able to comment on * sir?


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