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Reponse to an email.



Threats of a superior set.

Here is an email message sent to me regarding my previous Journal Entry about where to buy coins.

"Can't afford PCGS Coins? I Like your collecting style. BUT I will never respect a collector who will settle for second best.



P.S. Watch your lincolns fall to a PCGS set. I will log them soon."

Just because I am a little more frugal with my money? I still get the same or higher quality coin (for a given grade) from NGC than from PCGS. Does this mean I "settle" for anything because I didn't pay the premium prices?

Currently NGC is the #1 third party grading service. There must be a reason for this. Could it be that most prefer the grading style of NGC? Could it be that the cost of equivalent grades is less than PCGS? Or could it simply be that "Better is Better".

If you feel your PCGS coins are so much better than my NGC coins, and apparently the NGC collections of others as well, why then are your PCGS coins even mingling with such lowly coin examples? Why then are you even a member of the Collector's Society?

I don't particularly care how many times my coins "fall" to other sets; it has happened many times already. It is just like falling off a horse or a bike. It is not that you fell off that is important. It is whether or not you get back on that determines your fortitude to conquer.

Until about 8 months ago, my coins were not listed anywhere. I don't necessarily collect for the purpose of a winning set compared to your set or anyone elses. I collect for the pleasure and the pride of seeing my collection grow to a set that I can be proud of, not you.



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