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I really won?



I was completely unexpecting this!

The number 1 Best Presented set for my mom's 1947 birth year mint set?

I didn't even bother checking out the winners until about mid-day on the 9th. I had about twenty completed sets of modern coins that I knew would get No. 1 awards along with the masses, so for me it was really no big deal. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy completing each and every set and I hang on to the certificates that NGC sends us to commemorate the occasion. I think the fact that NGC even goes to the trouble is awesome.

I must say that I had high hopes for a Number 1 1947 Mint registry set this year but that hope was based on registry points. That hope was a reality until shortly before the judging began when the "Destroy this set or that" owner claimed the prize with a cheap addition at the last minute. Man was I ticked. Knowing what I now know, however, I wouldn't trade my registry award for his, not this year anyway.

Here it is 5:30 in the morning the day after I realized I had won and I still can't grasp the idea that my set won the top spot in this category. For 2010, I truly anticipate having the number 1 points set in this category, assuming coins present themselves that are worthy of this set and I have the funds available at the time. We'll just have to see how the cookies crumble.

I assume that for most people (the modern coin collectors that is) the certificates we will receive in the mail are just a nice "Congratulations. You finished or rank first for your set." They are for me as well on my modern proof sets since the coins are by no means rare.

But not this one. This one will be a wall hanger!

THANK YOU NGC JUDGES and a rowdy congratulations to all of this years winners!

Respectfully and humbly,





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