Forced to 'Settle"



it's all about the coins

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who does this, however since the journals are supposed to be about our personal collecting experience-- this is my story..and my personal quirk.

When building a set, especially a set of classic coinage, I decide what grade/s I'd like to assemble the set in according to my price range. Most classic sets will have a key-date or two that either have to be purchased in a lower grade or money needs to be saved to purchase them in my target grade range. I look through the price guides and various auction's "prices realized" info to get an idea of what the highest grade I can fill the slot with according to my means.

This helps in a few ways. First is that I'm very familiar with what each coin's particular price, value and cost should be if one becomes available. Secondly, it keeps me from over-paying out of impulse and assists in keeping me patient ( waiting for the right coin and also at the right price.) Thirdly, it keeps me from buying a coin to fill a slot and then upgrading it later for the grade I wanted in that slot in the first place.

For my slow-growing Walking Liberty Half Mid-date set I have gone through and targeted grades and decided that I can fill a handfull with MS67's..most at MS66 and I'll have to settle on MS65's for 2-3 dates. In the end this will get me nowhere near a #1 registry ranking (which is never my goal anyhow), however it will be the best set that I can assemble with my modest means ( and maybe around the top-ten). NOTE: I hope I don't give the impression that I don't like being #1 or winning stuff, it's just that I am pragmatic and know that I can't even come close to competing with the big boys in a classic coin series.

Last night I "settled" for a coin a grade lower than the target grade I aspired to for that date. Who knows, I may eventually buy an MS67 for the 1934 example for my set...but I don't think I'll ever part with the MS66 I bought last night. Oh well, in the end it is all about the coins and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to live with this one..




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