The Unending Quest



still one final slot to fill

Recently I wrote a journal about a coin that "jumped out at me". Well I woke up this morning to find out great news. My willingness to pay a bit extra landed me the coin that had enchanted me. I quickly paid and now only have to wait a few days for it to arrive. I can only hope that it looks as nice in-hand as it does in the images...or dare I hope, maybe even better?

This brings me back to the topic. For almost 2 full years now I have needed the final Walker half to finish my short set--the 1941-S. I have a specific standard that I seek. I want an MS66 and I want that MS66 to look closer to an MS67. OR-- I will accept an average strike coin if it has some eye-appealing attribute that makes the coin distinguishable.

I have remained true to my standards and the search has been fruitless, however I believe that one will eventually become available. I remain staunch in my determination and unyielding to compromise and the temptation to just "fill the hole and be finished."

So in the meantime I've been upgrading existing coins in the set that fall below the big pricejump line ( I'm sure that many of you know full well what I'm alluding to by "the pricejump line"). Also I started on the next expansion of the set..the 20 mid-date coins from 1934-1940. Last night's coin win was one of these.

A quick note about the 1940-S if you'll indulge me. The 1940-S is also a very scarce coin to find with a nice strike ( like the 41-S). Not only is the thumb usually flat but often the skirt lines are incomplete, the side of Liberty's face may be flat with no hair/cap/face seperation..and even the eagle's breast on the reverse can be flat without feather definition. I've seen MS65's that looked like that.

The reason the coin I bought jumped out at me was because of the very strong strike for the date--with only the flatness in the thumb area--and also the wonderous golden toning that has developed. The toning adds a rich golden hue but also has a light rosy blush near the rims..and the luster still pops through with the flowlines visible.

Can you tell that I love and study this series a lot?

Okay, so without further adieu..probably not to everyone's taste but it sure does the trick for 1940-S MS66 NGC..CAC..images are in the set gallery..




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