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Another State Quarter Submission

Six Mile Rick



 As I was really thinking of getting away from the state quarter series I did decide to do another submission on the quest. A little surprised on the conflicts needed to enter this journal but I see things getting rougher as time passes. Anyway -- seeing that our journals are no longer part of our member page I have a hard time thinking that all is so well with NGC!! This is definitely going to be a rough ride!!  I will renew my membership in a month and try a few submissions.

 Hope things get better!!!




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I don't think they created a very easy to use system. Being so different from the prior version there should have been a little more explanation of the system.  I use a computer all day but still struggled with the first post. I think it helped that I am relatively new to the community so hadn't used the old system very long.... but it was easy to use.

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I also don't like the fact that the new journal postings on our home page don't identify the author or number of responses.

Seems like most of the recent changes have made the CS website less user-friendly and less interesting to browse. Maybe that explains the scarcity of posts on the journals and message boards?

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Despite the frequency of my posts I am relatively new to these journals so I dont understand the difficulty as when I go to Collectors Society and click Journals towards the top of the page I am here.

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I also miss the journals on the home page with author and view counts.  I don't have facebook or Twitter as I don't care to post banalities for some kind of validation with "Likes". ( who cares where I went on vacation, what I had for dinner or wants to look at another 100 pics of my ugly face)--but I do like to know if people are actually reading or following my occasional entry by registering a view count.


My guess is that they are trying to bolster interest in the chat boards by making the journals more a part of the boards than the Collector's Society Registry ( which they always seemed to be before). If the journals turn into a " best chat board topic poster" then I'll pass on these like I did with My Face, facebook, snapchat, twitter and the rest

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How'd the submission turn out?


Why are you thinking of getting away from the Statehood Quarter series?

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