The End of a Seemingly Long and Interesting Journey



The final word on my Ultra High Relief.

As I am writing this journal, my Ultra High Relief is on its way home with a grade of MS-69, Early Releases. Once home, it will be photographed and taken to the safe deposit box, ending a seemingly long and interesting journey for me. One of my final acts will be filling out the survey the mint sent me on the ?UH1?.

While I am a little disappointed with the grade, getting a 70 is like winning the lottery and totally depending on the coin you receive from the mint. I feel sorry for those five people from the population report that got 68?s. For the most part, I have a good track record with gold submissions. Of three first spouse submissions, two have returned 70?s. Of three commemorative half-eagle submissions, I have two of three returning 70. Not too bad, I?d say.

Over time, I am developing an eye for the 70 versus 69. While I cannot point to any discernable defect in the 69, the 70 seems to have a certain ?look? about it that puts it over the top. Of course, I will never be 100%, but I am improving with each submission. However, with my Ultra High Relief, there were discernable defects. Near the eagles head on the border of the reverse, there are fine scratches. While I was hoping NGC would overlook this and focus on the devices of the coin, I knew that with those scratches it could never be a 70.


Do not get me wrong, I am still delighted with my coin, and I will not be looking to towards upgrading it. After all 69 or 70, it is still ?my? coin, and I am proud to own it. Kind of like kids, not perfect, but still your kids. Think of what it would be like sending your kids in for an upgrade, absurd. Now I am not trying to compare kids to coins, my kids are infinitely worth more to me than all the ?stuff? I own, but in this case, my Ultra High Relief is my kid coin. I may buy another if the mint increases the one per family limit, but this one is worth keeping.

Move over MS-62 1924 St. Gaudens, the ?Lady? has arrived. My Ultra High Relief is now a proud member of my award winning ?Inspirational Ladies? signature set. On another footnote, I received the accompanying book yesterday, it is well put together and fascinating, and I will read it from cover to cover. Kudos to the mint on that, happy collecting all!




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