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RE: Dishonest Dealers...(and collectors?)



Honesty is the best policy

In my experience, I have found people who collect coins to be among the most honest people I have met. It is in part, this sense of honesty and comradely that attracts me to this hobby.

I to have made foolish purchases on EBay, I purchased a double eagle and a 3 dollar gold piece that turned up being counterfeit. These two coins would have meant a significant loss to me had those people I purchased them from not been honest and refunded my money. Since then, I have made it my policy when I buy gold on EBay to buy certified coins only. It is true that most often, I pay a little more, but if I pay fair market value or less, I consider it a good buy.

I collect coins for fun, but dealers make their living off them. Since this is the case, I really do not mind paying a retail price for coins. In return for this, I demand that I be treated fairly and honestly. I have found when I treat people with the respect they deserve, they will in turn bend over backwards to help me, and get me the best possible deal available. If someone is not up front and honest with me, I simply do not have any dealings with them any longer.

In another respect because I am a Christian, I try to live my life according to the precepts of the bible. Almost two years ago, I attended the ANA?s ?World?s Fair of Money? in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I had a blast; any of you that get a chance to go to one of these should. While there I stopped by a dealers table and bought a PCGS graded MS-64 Washington Dollar with missing edge lettering. An hour or so later I noticed that the dealer had given me a PCGS graded MS-65 dollar. I went back to the table and pointed this out to him. I do not know if he thought I came back to gloat over him, but he gruffly said ?keep it?. Insignificant, maybe, but I prefer to live my life with the highest integrity, living black and white as opposed to grey.

Recently I have had several coins returned to me in body bags. Shortly, I will be selling most of these coins and I fully intend to point out the defects on every one of them, even at the cost of a few dollars to me. What price can I put on a clear conscience? In living above the fray, I am contributing to the overall integrity of the hobby we all enjoy. You will not find me buying an 1893-S Morgan dollar for $17.00. Happy collecting! Gary



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