Be careful, you may not have to sign for your UHR when it arrives



The only fly in the ointment to an enjoyable day when my UHR arrived.

Yesterday evening I received an email from the mint stating that my UHR is on the way. Typically, I receive my items the day after notification. As fate would have it, I worked the graveyard shift last night, assuring I would be home to sign for my delivery. Returning home, I slept on the couch to make sure I would hear the doorbell. Early this morning I heard a heavy truck approach my house and the UPS man (brown really did it for me today) nearing the door to ring the bell. I went to open the door just to see him walking back to his truck, my valuable parcel sitting on my doorstep. Glad my UHR finally arrived; I was perplexed as to why the mint did not require me to sign for my UHR. If I had been at work, my UHR would have sat on my doorstep until I arrived home. If anyone of you still have UHR?s on the way, be careful of how they are delivered to you.

As I opened the box (like a kid on Christmas day), I was awestruck by the beauty and size of the presentation box, what an appropriate way to house and display such a beautiful coin. It is almost a shame to have to send it to NGC for grading, knowing it will never go back in the box. As a partial resolution to this situation, I took photographs of my UHR displayed in its box, taking photos of the obverse and reverse along with several photos of this amazing coin outside the box.

My only regret now is that I did not mail my UHR priority or overnight. I hope it arrives by Monday for early releases. Naturally, every submitter wants their fine coins to return MS-70, and should mine not return that way, it will still be one of the finest additions to my collection. I could not be happier with this coin. It was certainly worth the wait and all?s well that ends well. I hope all of you find a similar joy in your UHR?s and may they come back to you as 70?s. Enjoy these photos of this truly fascinating coin.




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