Type Collecting and Registry sets



The joy and focus in assembling a registry set

One of my favorite categories of collecting is type coins. I put together a set of major designs (no die varieties) that fit into a picture frame size Capital Holder. I can remember my joy when I purchased a 1799 Bust dollar to fill that last hole (a single hole in a set drives me crazy, kind of like a 1916-d Mercury dime hole in a Whitman folder).

Since then I have discovered the registry set. One of the cool advantages of registry sets is that these sets help you organize your collection. It also gives you goals to attain. My PCGS and NGC coins I have transferred into ?Gary?s Type Set?. Several other coins I have need crossover grading from holders not eligible for the registry. Yet still other ?problem coins? will never fit into any registry set. Six of my problem coins I listed on EBay and with the proceeds purchased an NGC 1930-S MS-64 Standing Liberty quarter. Not a bad trade off, since one of the coins sold was a Standing Liberty quarter. Now I have five coins I need to purchase to take the place of those I sold.

The largest advantage of the registry set may be the focus on quality coins. Purchasing quality coins to fill slots in the registry only improves the value, quality, and appeal of my collection. This does not mean I only purchase MS-64 and higher coins. It only means I buy the best my budget allows. An affordable VF coin with good eye appeal can be an acceptable alternative to an MS-64. Since type collections focus on the type, I can purchase cheaper higher quality non-key dates.


Now my registry set has slots for die varieties, giving me an excuse to purchase new coins to fill those slots and further increase my collections value. The only problem I have with my registry set is that there is no slot for my VF-20 PCGS 1799 Bust dollar! Since that is the case, I know I have a slot in my journal to post it. Enjoy collecting coins! The possibilities are near endless.




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