A Submission, a View, and a Purchase



My latest submission, my view on the NGC/PCGS registry debate, and a recent purchase.

Wow! Nine days from received to finalized shipped! My NGC world submission received Feb 2, 2009 shipped today Feb 11, 2009. My only wish is that my UHR double eagle order from the mint could be half as fast! As with any submission, there are surprises and disappointments. The disappointment, a 2006 silver Britannia, returned as a MS-62. I bought the coin on EBay and should have returned it, knowing there was a chance it might even return ungraded. I bought it from a listing with a ?stock photo?. When buying raw coins on EBay, insist on high quality photos of the coin you will receive in the listing. My biggest problem is, when it comes to buying coins, especially those on EBay, I am not patient. I should set myself hard and fast rules for buying on EBay and pass on the coins that do not follow those rules. Inpatient purchases always ends up costing me more and in this case getting a less than desirable coin. Onto the surprises, a French, 1995 Centennial of Cinema, Audrey Hepburn, silver proof 100 francs commemorative coin with a touch of cloudy toning returned a grade of PF-68 UC. I expected it to grade PF-67. An Austrian 1995 ?Olympic ribbon dancer? silver proof 200 shillings coin returned a grade of PF-69 UC. Of course, there were those coins that graded what I expected. For all I spent, my MS-62 Britannia fills a hole, but only earns 3 points for my registry set.

I have enjoyed reading the recent journal entries debating the NGC, PCGS registry issue. The first point one should remember is NGC and PCGS are the best grading companies in the industry, hands down. Next, all grading is subjective to the grader; however, NGC and PCGS have the most consistent grading standards, a point that makes them the best. The problem I have with PCGS is that their registry is not inclusive and accepts only PCGS graded coins. One reason I love the Collectors Society registry is that it is inclusive. Because of its inclusiveness, there is a larger supply of graded coins in the marketplace with which to choose and purchase! Most often, when I make a coin purchase, I purchase graded coins rather than roll the dice on a raw coin that it will grade well or worse that I miss some defect and have it return ungraded. Buying from a larger pool of graded coins takes the guessing game out of buying coins. With all that, I do prefer coins in NGC holders.

Now onto one of the joys of coin collecting, the occasional purchase of a high-grade, key coin. This past week I purchased a PCGS 1893 MS-63 Isabella quarter in an old green holder (OGH). From the high quality photos on the EBay listing, I thought that this coin was under graded. The coin has a strong strike and nice eye appeal and I think it should grade MS-64. I paid a lot for it, but in this case, I did not mind because quality is worth a few extra dollars to me. This coin will make a nice addition to my ?Inspirational Ladies? signature set. Additionally, I earn 1073 points in my silver commemorative competitive registry set as opposed to 3. I wonder if I should have it crossover graded, then again, it is a PCGS graded coin so I am reluctant to do so. If I were to sell it, I would have it crossover graded, but then again, it is not for sale. Enjoy the photo I have attached, it does not do the coin justice. I may crossover grade it because there is a scuff on the reverse side of the holder partially obstructing the view of the coin!




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