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What Gives?



I don't understand how the US mint operates or in this case doesn't

What gives with the US Mint? My UHR double eagle order status was listed as "in process" and the coin listed as "in stock and reserved" with an expected ship date of 2/6/09. Today 2/6/09, I get an e-mail from the mint stating my order is "back ordered" with an expected ship date of 2/21/09. Which is it? I thought in stock and reserved meant they have my coin and need to ship it and back ordered means they do not have my coin , but expect to have it a future date. What is so hard about knowing whether you have an item in stock or not? Why is there a difference between the emails and my order listing taken from the mint's web page? Where's the rocket science in this? How could the mint be so unprepared for this, knowing how popular this program was going to be? If someone can tell me, I sure would like to know. At any rate, I do have something to look forward to, I have a submission with NGC scheduled for grading and another I am sending soon. Perhaps I will have these coins graded and back to me before I see my UHR double eagle!



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