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After Conservation my coins are returned NGC graded

Recently I submitted several coins to NCS for conservation. The Silver and nickel coins had PVC residue on them and the copper coins had carbon spots. One of the copper coins a 1911 Italian 10 centismo I purchased raw for $26.00. I knew of the carbon spotting, but I noticed the coin had a particularly strong strike with no noticeable wear on the high spots of the coin's relief. To see what level of spotting was gradable I sent the coin to NGC and sure enough got it back in a body bag. One of the other coins, a 1974 Haiti 50 gourdes I purchased in it's original soft vinyl mint packaging which over time left quite a residue on the coin. I made no attempt to send this coin to NGC because I knew they would send it back in a body bag. I thought that there was a good chance NCS could conserve the coins with PVC residue, but I was not sure they could conserve the copper coins with carbon spotting. To my surprise they successfully conserved both coins and submitted them to NGC. The 1911 10 centismo came back NGC graded MS-63 with an approximate E-bay auction value of $80.00! The other coin came back graded PF-67 Cameo. The conservation done on this coin probably cost me the Ultra Cameo designation. I believe though that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so I use flips made of inert materials to store my raw coins. Whenever I do have problem coins though, it is nice to know that a professional conservation service such as NCS is there. Notice this before and after photo of the 1974 Haiti 50 Gourdes.




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