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2008 Registry Award Winners



Amazed my set won the 2008 Signature Set award for "Most Creative"

I had just returned from a short term mission trip to Brazil on January 13, on January 14 I linked up to my signature set "Inspirational Ladies" for the first time in about two weeks. To my surprise, I saw the "2008 Most Creative Signature Set" icon on my set listing. A sudden rush of joy, surprise, pride, and a bit of disbelief overcame me. I still look at my set listing and the judges comments next to the award icon on the winners page with a little awe that I actually won. I remember when I thought it would be nice to win the "Most Informative" award when I completed my reasearch for bio write ups on the women in my set and write ups on the allegorical coins decyphering the meaning of the allegories. However, I did not have enough time to complete the write ups before the deadline and thought "oh well maybe next year". Now, without even thinking myself in the running, my set is named the "2008 Most Creative Signature Set". In many respects this award is better than the other one in that when I began putting this set together I never thought to be going for the "most creative" award. I simply thought this as a fun way to share my passion with like minded people. My set description described my passion and Collectors Society gave me a forum with which to share my passion with other collectors as I in turn enjoy veiwing other collector's signature sets. For mine to be selected for this award above the other sets in the signature series is an honor. I wish to thank NGC and Collectors Society for selecting my set for this award. In a way by selecting my set, NGC and Collectors Society is recognizing the important roles and significant contributions women have in history. This set is by no means complete as I have a number of raw coins needing to be certified and purchases of other coins to make. I simply see this set as a growing set in the years to come because of the countless women memorialized on coins around the world. Finally, the last coin in my set with a slot name of "Special" is a tribute to a very special lady. Gary



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