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NGC-PCGS-ICG Certifications

DeMar Collection


Come on out of the Box!

This is the first time I have spent time reviewing the NGC website taking note of all services offered to the collector. I must congratulate you on a "JOB WELL DONE"! However, I must rebut the comments from "SIGFRIED89" minimizing the efforts and professionalism of ICG and their abilities to properly certify coins. I have used all three services and frequently cracked graded coins out of holders to resubmit them to a different service hoping for a higher designation, i.e. originally certified coins from ICG to NGC, NGC to ICG, PCGS to ICG and so on. Results have showed 99% of the time regrading at different certification services received the same Mint State designations assigned originally prior to resubmission. ICG has proven itself to be a member of the "triangle" of professional grading services and I suggest to Sigfried89 to go to PCGS in the future if he cannot manuever out of his box. I regret the position of "ugly stepchild" which ICG maintains in the triangle, but in my opinion is not due to the lack of knowledge of it's grading staff but only to it's marketing efforts compared to PCGS and NGC. Keep up the outstanding work.



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