Ebay Live coin auction



You all need to read this

This past week i wrote about the 1929 1 Krona pcgs coin I won last friday on Ebay Live Auction. Well for those who read the last journal on this coin should know and everybody else, that when i was watching this coin being bidded on, it when to $460.00 and according to Ebay thats what i won it for. I even got a statment from ebay stating that i won this coin for that amount of money. Well the other day i got the invoice from the auction house and the invoice said i won this coin for $250.00 dollars. I called them and asked them if that was correct and they said it was and they even double checked and that was the amount. So for those who will bid on Ebay Live Auctions should know is that there system is a bit messed up, I mean i was looking at the coin and everything on the page stated it was up and being bidded on. So those of you that will be bidding in the future You better be careful. You may not know what you are bidding on.




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