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Icelandic proof coins



Thanks NCS

Well my two Icelandic proof coins pre 1963, A 1957 10 Aurar and my 1962 2 Kronur that NCS conserved and was sent to NGC for grading came back a Proof 66 cameo for the 1957 10 Aurar which made me very happy and the 1962 2 Kronur came back Proof 63 which is not bad considering that these coins were not made in the best quality. All in all very pleased with the results. And I'm hoping to find some more early proof coins from Iceland. When I started this set I never thought It would be so hard to complete. Even with coins of high mintage such as the 1940 Type II 1 Krona I was only able to find one coin that even was worth sending in for grading and that coin came back a AU 58 Now I have the Type I and that coin looks good and that may come back a MS coin. Well the search goes on. Thanks for reading my post and i wish you all good luck with your searches.



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