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My Latest Submission - the Results are In!



I finally received grading results for the my last submission of coins to NGC.


Drum roll, please .. . .  .  .   .   .   .


NGC Ancients cert # 4282892-001.

Here is a link to the cert...

This coin is a nummus struck by Odoacer, King of Italy from 476 to 493 AD. This coin graded Ch XF, and I was extremely satisfied (dare I say surprised on the upside) with the grade. The strike and surface both earned a 4/5 score.  Beyond the grade, I am of course pleased with confirmation of the attribution, which depends in a large part on interpretation of the reverse monogram.  Odoacer's coins are extremely rate and highly sought after.  I was lucky to land this one, even if I don't yet have a space for this coin in my Roman Empire custom set. I plan on adding one or more new pages for the collection (maybe later this year), and I was specifically thinking about adding a kind of "denouement" page.  Odoacer's rise to power marked the final fall of the Roman Empire in the West.  Odoacer was an extremely interesting individual, and I am looking forward to researching this coin and posted my resulting Owner's Comments, but that is going to take some time, stay tuned!


NGC Ancients cert # 4282892-002.

Here is a link to the cert...

This coin is a denarius struck by Carausisus, founder and first Augustus of his own rouge state known as the Romano-British Empire (he ruled from 286 to 293 AD). This coin graded Ch XF, and once again I was extremely satisfied.  The strike earned a 4/5, and the surface received a 2/5, with edge chips noted.  In this case, I consider the grade very respectable considering this coin was found in the ground (near Kettering, Northamptonshire, in February 2016).  I still need to conduct my research and post my Owner's Comments. This coin is particularly special and historically important for its reverse  which bears RS[R].  This enigmatic inscription is now thought to be a reference to the 6th and 7th lines of the 4th Eclogue of Virgil which begins Redunt Saturna Regna, basically, Virgil's text described that Rome's Golden Age has returned.  Carausius was apparently the only Augustus to make such a literary reference on coinage.  It is very interesting that a rough-and-tumble ruler of a fringe realm would do so! I am looking forward to my research and finishing my Owner's Comments for this coin. 


NGC Ancients cert # 4282892-003.

Here is a link to the cert...

This coin is a aurelianianus struck in the name of Augusta Magnia Urbica, wife of Roman Emperor Carus.  Her reign lasted from 283 to 285 AD.  The coin graded MS, strike 5/5, surface 3/5. While I might have hoped for a better surface grade for the remaining silvering on the coin's surface, I was overall very pleased.  There is not much to say regarding Mania Urbica, so it will probably not take me much time to get my Owner's Comments posted (at least I hope so!).


The fourth coin was re-assigned by NGC for World coin grading (as opposed to ancients grading).  


The cert # is 4679899. This is a link to the cert...


This coin is a fabulous denier featuring Charlemagne, King of the Franks and his newly emerging Holy Roman Empire.   I was extremely pleased to receive an AU for this exceedingly rare and very historically important coin (I admit my heart was pounding when I saw this grade!).  I don't even have an entry for it in my Roman Empire set yet, but  plan to add it later this year as I expand the collection to include that "denouement" page (I am still amassing coins for that page, so stayed tuned!).  I am very excited to research and post my Owner's Comments for my Charlemagne coin, but that is going to take some time.



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World Coin Nut - thanks!  I have been trying to acquire this coin for some time...and as soon as I did manage to acquire this coin it became one of my most favorite specimens!

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